Suppression – Fractured Landscape

I want to tell a bit about this band, for these who are not familiar with legendary Suppression. This band was founded 28 years ago (1992) in the Virginia state. To date they got a ton of releases, they played a lot and everywhere, and I was really lucky to catch them too. Must they are very nice people who`re playing really crazy shit, haha! Needless to say that Suppression love to make experiments, and during the years guys make some grindcore records, some powerviolence, and some noisecore stuff too. “Fractured Landscape” is one of the latest releases, and it`s simply psycho chaotic madness!

First of all this EP is well organized brain-melting noisecore. Suppression mixed harsh noise elements different “song” structures and so on. The result is awesome, unboring, painful, and interesting. Some of the songs (like 35 tracks) can cause brain damage, ha! Each atom of this noise is terribly aggressive, especially the vocals. It sounds so pissed off, it`s like when Italian saw a pineapple pizza or something like that, haha! Ah yes, there is only bass and drums here, but the bass is not the main (guys used it for dense background sound), the vocal and drums are taking the lead. I bet everything here is pure improvisation and it`s crazy how good this shit sound!

This EP is recommended for noise freaks only!

Rating: 8/10  Suppression fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE! 

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