Depressor – Hell Storms Over Earth

Do you guys remember an old deathgrind band Depressor, they were pretty active back in the 90th. Here is a discography of that band, all their legacy in one CD. Can`t say that Depressor was famous but this is not the last band on the planet Earth. They made split releases with such monsters as Agathocles and Unholy Grave. During their active phase, they created 18 songs, and the first 3 songs on this CD were previously unreleased. All songs were remastered and re-packaged, not sure about the sound it seems a bit compressed to me but the cover…
The design of “Hell Storms Over Earth” is more typical for the death metal bands from 90th, and I honestly love it. The whole concept looks a bit childish, all this war metal character, the sign of toxicity, and so on. I think this brings some bonus atmosphere to this release and of course, this art matches the music, which is cool too.

The first listening can confuse you and you won’t hear anything except grinding punk death metal. But this if you will try listen to it a bit closer you will a lot of crust and industrial moments in it. I can’t say that this wort is bright and super catchy, but I enjoyed the whole CD. The sound and production are dirty, seems that everything were recorded in DIY studio, and that is positive. Some songs are slow and super heavy, some have interesting dark atmosphere. Personal favorite song – “Lergactyl” and “Mold/Subsystem” both are awesome examples of stenchcore madness!       

As I said before “Hell Storms Over Earth” is the final statement of this band. And I really happy to play this shit loud today, ha!

Rating: 7/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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