Igioia / Lugubrious Children / Throat / Double Me

It`s been a while seen I write something about hardcore stuff, so here is a very nice hc split with bands from Italy, the USA, and the UK. This 4way is existing in two formats a vinyl (Here and Now rec) and tape (Destruktomuzik). I like the way how this split is designed, classical colors, classical collage with skulls, ruined town, trash, and so on… yes, it`s not a new approach but I still like it. Ah yes, actually this release is like 1 big sandwich, Italian starts (Igioia) and finish it (Double ME), and between them are British Lugubrious Children and Americans Throat. As usual, we will go in order, so let`s look closely at Igioia.
This band is playing an interesting cheerful hardcore. All songs have a good sound, some fast moments with nice punk vides. Also, I love how this bass guitar sounds, it has a pleasant crunch sound. Vocals are more or less usual for this kind of music, these yellings fit perfectly to this music.

The next is Lugubrious Children from the legendary town – Leeds. Unfortunately, these guys are no longer active, and this is their last (?) recording. These 4 songs are awesome, a perfect mix of hardcore and powerviolence with a heavy sound. Ferrous energy, aggressive guitar sound, and hysterical vocals. Especially I love how punchy this record session sound. This is a really great way to say goodbye!

Throat – a new name for me, and that`s why I listened to their side more closely. It seems that guys recorded their side in someone’s garage because it has raw sound and production, but that does not mean that this is a crap. This material is cool, it consists of slow/fast structures of powerviolence, the concept of fastcore, and the aggression of hardcore. I think these “gangsta” intros/samples sound a bit funny, but they didn`t destroy all picture.

And the last band for today is Double Me, Italian drum & bass pv squad. This is a cool material, I found it even better than their previous stuff. The rhythm section is really good here. This clanking bass is everywhere, haha! Blast beats are loud and simple have a nice sound. There are a few types of vocals and of course “stop and play” moments. This is band is the right ending for this release!       

Rating: 7.5/10    Igioia bc / Lugubrious Children bc / Throat bc / Double Me bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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