Agathocles ‎– Mutilated Regurgitator

So, this a new CD by Belgian mincecore legends Agathocles! “Mutilated Regurgitator” is a damn good compilation of old iconic songs. Yes, this is not a new split or album, but believe me, this release is worth your attention. The cover art of this CD was taken from Agathocles / VNA split, but it`s colored and looks much better than the original. Also, this famous image is a strong message to the protection of animals and their rights. Altogether you will be exterminated by 26 tracks of dirty and powerful music. So let`s start this grind adventure!

I really did this release, especially from old horror movie.  When the song actually starts, you gets instantly blasted away with the loudest music and noise ever done in 1987-1990. Some of the songs are fast, some slower, some messy and raw, but this compilation turns to be great. Jan`s vocal is crazy, I met him once and he seemed to me like a very calm person. I bet he must be collecting all aggression inside and then spit everything out during the recording, ha! The guitar is has a nice buzzing tone, the drumming is pleasantly sloppy and the bass is a bit cluttered (but it`s very common for most of grindcore/mice releases). This CD ends with a very short and old (87!) song “Vrouwen Beslist” which is simply noisecore.

It`s hard to get original AG records from that period of time, so “Mutilated Regurgitator” is an awesome chance to hear early records of these legends in great quality!

Rating: 8.5/10  Agathocles fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. You can get this CD from Grindfather prod (UK) and from No Bread rec (Russia)

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