First Days Of Humanity – Pixel Death + EPs

Finally got a copy of this lovely compilation CD (which contains the first 3 EP) of a great one-man band from Arizona! Many people were thought that this is a joke project and it will be dead after the first shot (Caves), but they were wrong. First Days Of Humanity brings us a lot of great tunes and emotions, right now this project is on hold because the guy behind it is working on something new, but we still have some releases to talk about. In this review, I want to cover “Pixel Death”, because I love it the most. It`s funny and brutal work, funny because of the midi intros and pixel art, these things reminded me of my childhood and old video games 😉 

So the “Pixel Death” begins with an awesome retrowave intro, that can be used for John Carpenter’s movies, ha! After that begins a real gore madness. If you love the really heavy sound than this shit is for you because this EP has great low and bulldozering sound. Everything here is simply well done, starting from the guitar sound and finishing to digital drums. Same as LDOH this project has a monstrous pitch-shifted vocal, and even this is not a new thing, it sounds very powerful and wild. These small midi intros like in the Digital Cadaver song made this release very interesting and cheerful. I think that because this is a weird approach as for the gore genre, but it works fine for me.
The older material is dope too, I think that the two first EPs sound more similar to LDOH, and they have more rotten sound. So if you`re a fan of that kind of gore, this CD is for you!

Rating: 8/10  First Days Of Humanity bc 

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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