Human Obliteration – Definition Of Insanity

When I met the drummer of Human Obliteration at OEF he told me that they gonna release a new album. A little bit more than a year guys started to post some promo songs, and must say they were great! I was stocked to hear the whole album and finally here is it. Wise Grinds rec was the first who released this album, it was a tape (oh yes, that label is gonna release a vinyl version too, so you were warned). The cover art for “Definition Of Insanity” was created by Arif Rot (Wormrot), what can I say, this image is damn dark and full of negative emotions, and I like this spirit in it. But let see what we got under this cover…

To understand this music better, I listened to this noise 4 times in a row, and when I flip over the tape and listened to it again and again I realize how deep this shit is. From the first time I didn’t dig the whole image, I was like “oh ok, this is just nice grindcore stuff”, but this album is more than good. “Definition Of Insanity” drags you into the abyss of dystopia. Even fast songs at the beginning sound very gloomy and harsh. But there are two songs that nailed me, they are “Exhaustion” and “Recluse”. They are not grindcore but they have so dark and heavy atmosphere, that shit impressed me a lot! I have no idea if it is important to write about instruments or about the sound, just try to listen to it guys, I think you will be surprised. The last song is very thematic it is called “Curtains”, and this very sad but right choice for the ending this album.

Rating: 9/10  Human Obliteration fb    Human Obliteration bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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