Endless Swarm / Faršas

It’s always interesting to review split releases because this kind of record is based on friendship and respect. And for today’s write up I choose a pretty fresh split of Endless Swarm (UK) and Faršas (Lithuania). Let`s try to start from the cover of this lovely tape. I think I didn`t catch the main idea of this art. Because I only see some old idols and something evil that is trying to get through them. I guess I need to ask bands about this painting. 

Endless Swarm is not so active these days so that`s why it`s always great to hear their new stuff. Well first of all guys didn`t disappoint, they made everything in their style, so there are no surprises. On the other hand, we have here great, fast, and decent powerviolence with pumping energy. Stop/play structures, buzzing guitars, loud drums, and crazy yelling vocals everything is well mixed in this violent pot!  

Faršas are keeping their transformations. Just reminder, years ago this band was playing with the bass and drums, and now they have the guitar too. Personally, I prefer their old stuff but the new records are cool too. I think this recording session is more close to the old fashion grindcore. But Faršas still have some unique shtick, like crazy high vocal and brutal sound of the bass + of course awesome samples. But such elements like blast beats and dirty guitar are here as well!  

Rating: 8/10    Endless Swarm fb    Faršas fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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