Violent Frustration – Do It Yourself

To be honest it`s sad to write this review because this 7” is a swang song for this German band. Sadly I didn’t catch them live, but at least I shared a beer with these guys ;).
This vinyl was released by legendary German label Rodel rec! I bet this record was pressed in Germany too. The cover art looks very actual, especially in the light of current times. There is no place for all this radical crap in our world!

So “Do It Yourself” is a fast and good record. These last 8 songs are charged with a nice portion of pumping energy. This grindcore has some taste of death metal, but also it has a good portion of punk… The guys managed to make a good balance of these ingredients, which is great. The production and sound of this EP is not super professional and clean which is the right thing for grindcore, because grindcore can`t sound like power metal, right? The guitar has a pleasant heavy fuzzing tone, the bass is a bit cluttered but it still sounds good, drums are ok (sorry but I didn’t find anything special in these beats). Violent Frustration used a few kinds of vocals, standart growling and pissed off screams, I think it helped them to avoid monotony. 

“Do It Yourself” is a solid last dot in the history of this band and I`m glad that guys recorded an unboring final release!

Rating: 8/10    Violent Frustration bc    Violent Frustration fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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