Hatefilled – Totally Disfigured Carnage

Sometimes even non-grindcore countries like Argentina can surprise! Today I want to share with you this awesome one-man project – Hatefilled! This debut work is full of awesome and nasty goregrind. If you miss Regurgitate this release is for you because this guy is playing very similar music (I even can say that this is a Regurgitate worshiping band). These 8 minutes of noise will bring you a ton of aggressive bone-crushing energy! Actually “Totally Disfigured Carnage” is something like a flashback to great times of goregrind. The sound is disgusting and heavy, the guitar sounds like a chainsaw it simply ripping off pieces from your mind! I know that these drums are not real, but they sound good enough. Pitch shifted vocal is (of course) here too! This work is full of main elements and everything mixing together very well.

The visual side of this is EP is red too! “Totally Disfigured Carnage” has awesome cover art. Yes it`s pretty typical for this genre but it still looks badass, especially in these black and white colors, the artist made a good job with it!

If you`re looking for good gore release than this is it! An insane vomiting sound wave will rip you apart – you were warned!

Rating: 8.5/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get a tape from Grindfather prod and LP from Regurgitated Semen rec!

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