Chepang – Chatta

I finally found some time to write a few words about this interesting album. It`s not a secret that I love these Nepali guys. Somehow they always managed to create a top natch schizophrenic music. “Chatta” is very bright in all aspects, starting with the cover and finishing with the last note on the album. Oh yes, I was lucky to grab a splatter green copy of this LP, must say it looks fantastic on my turntable, ha!

This work starts with an amazing saxophone solo, which shows you that this album will be weird as fuck, haha! Actually, this side ended so fast that I didn’t understand what the hell was that! And it`s only because I was surprised and tried to catch all small pieces of “Chatta”. Basically, whose music is a mishmash of grindcore, noisecore, hardcore, and free jazz. It’s definitely a unique and crazy shit! With each-new listening, you will discover something new for you, and that is extremely cool. Honestly, I was going to put this album in my top of that year, but when I heard side B I`ve changed my mind. This side is full of remixes, full of weird noises and electronic experiments. I don’t think that this is trash but this music definitely drugs the album mood down.

Chepang did a great job with this new album, everything was done with great production. These songs are overloaded with chaos and rage. If for some reason you didn’t check this album yet, that do that! 

Rating: 8/10   Chepang bc   Chepang fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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