Squelch Chamber – Down So Low

This will be an unusual review for us because we will talk not about grindcore or powerviolence. We gonna talk about something different, about noise-punk. Squelch Chamber is a young noisecore/electronic/punk band from Pennsylvania. This is one of these bands “so awful, it’s beautiful”, haha! I really thankful for this promo, it`s an awesome feeling to discover something musically another but extreme. I`m pressing the play button and here we go!

At first, the brain refuses to understand this pulsating noise, but in a short time, you began to enjoy it, ha! Some parts remind me of Bastard Noise, some straight primitive noisecore, but there are a lot of pieces of other genres like industrial, harsh noise, and so on. Some moments are super hypnotic, they could drive you crazy! It`s an interesting and bright material. Songs like “Ghetto Crawl” and “ Down So Low” are so fast and chaotic, they literary cutting your mind into pieces! For example track “Brain Closed For Bug Spraying” is super weird, this industrial full of pain and hate, it`s a brain-melting shot!

This album is full of different sides/facet, and if you`re looking for some fresh, not grindcore music, try this tape.
Rating: 8/10    Squelch Chamber bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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