Agathocles / Noise Brutalizer

Okay, guys, this is something new for me, a B-card format. hmm)) Basically this is i]usual CD but with a weird shape. Rotova Porojnina Records started to make such and unusual release a year ago, and finally, I got a few in my collection. So this split has a very simple DIY design, really nothing much to talk about. I think it will be better to put this thing into the player and check the first few songs from grandpas Agathocles!

Belgian veterans performing here with 3 raw and angry songs, which were recorded 3 years ago. I think that Jan was pissed off when he recorded his part, because his yelling sounds super-aggressive, ha! All songs are catchy and full of dirty energy. Maybe some parts of the songs are messy and too noisy, but I really like this result.

As for Noise Brutalizer, hm this simply not my stuff. Material is too amateurish and boring… Everything here consists of random angry chaotic moments… the problem is that most of the modern noisecore bands sound like this.

Rating: AG 8/10   Noise Brutalizer 3/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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