T.F.B. – Blastbeat Hangover Commando

This year is full of great releases, so many bands have new stuff, it`s hard to track everything, even for me haha! The “Blastbeat Hangover Commando” was in my list of “must check 2020”, so I was extremely happy to find this LP on my mailbox! This German beer commando managed to make a really good product! Everything is well made, starting from the music and ending with this awesome cover art. Btw this painting was made by Huere Artworks, as usual, he made a great job! This alcoholic-punk twister looks fun and red!

So what da hell “Blastbeat Hangover Commando” is, and why this album worth listening? First of all, this is not straight grindcore, it`s also does not sound like typical German grindcore. Of course, it has a grindcore base, but guys mixed a lot of other genres into this pot. It has a lot of tempo changes and different music elements and it’s not what you’d expect, which is never a bad thing. I fully enjoyed this work! T.F.B. managed to found a balance, grindcore songs (for example “Iron Ingo”) are running together with thrash metal tracks (like in “Thrash yourself”  and  “Asshole next door”). Of course there still a lot of punk… This album sounds very cheerful, fresh, and full of fun!

I can recommend this album for these people who love different crossovers. Who loves not straight genre music, and who love fun!

Rating: 8.5/10    T.F.B. facebook

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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