Days Of Desolation / Noisear (Loner Cult Records)

This releases should have been released years ago… There were some problems, and delays, which suck, but I happy finally see and listen to this small split. Jasper from Infested Art was in charge of the cover. Must say this image simply blew my mind, this is one of the best of his works! An amazing painting from one side and a perfect match with the music (although both bands on this split are playing different music). Now let`s talk about the noise. 

Belgian punks Days Of Desolation finally show us their new songs! These 5 songs full of dark vibrations and also charged with a good portion of energy. All songs have nice clear sound and they are couched in the same style. The sound of guitars is heavy, riffs are clear and bright, screaming vocal + delay effect helps to increase the atmosphere. These guys always loved to mix a drop of black metal with their crust music, but on this material guys simply overdone with it (on my taste). But I still like this experiment. The usual dark atmosphere sounds even more gloomy, haha!

The second band on this split is US blasting machine – Noiser! “Blasting wall of buzzing noise”, that how I can describe this music. Guys playing very fast and aggressive. This kind of grindcore has not so many punk in it, It has more chaotic metal riffs, and I think that`s why everything sounds very sharp. Also, I want to highlight drum work on this material, blast beats are very fast, and Bryan`s technique is damn strong! I found myself thinking that that guy is a big perfectionist, some parts sound way too perfect (as for the grindcore), ha!

Rating: 7.5/10  Days Of Desolation fb     Noisear fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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