Pharmacist – Forensic Pathology Jurisprudence

Japan is full of talented people, these guys are good in music, robotics, hi-end audio players, and so on. Obviously, we will talk about their music side, today I have a new name for you – Pharmacist! As far as I know, this band was formed just at the beginning of this year, but their noise is already famous. The heroes of our story are playing “total Carcass worship” style death grind. Some of you may say that this is just another clone, nothing special, and so on, maybe, but this tape blasted my brain, haha! I am proud to hold this debut tape in my hands, tape that called “Forensic Pathology Jurisprudence”. I want to share this discovery with you, that why I`m writing these words. 

In case you where wonder how the mix of “Symphonies Of Sickness” and “Necroticism” could sound then this release is for you. Rotten riffs, heavy sound, and an endless sick lyric about pathological things. I expected these elements and I was not disappointed. The guitar has a great raw tune, same with the bass. The drums are good too, they are not perfect, there are some sloppy beats here and there, but that makes this music interesting and alive. The “morgue” atmosphere of this EP is awesome as well, it slowly wrapping you with its dark remains.

I would highly recommend this split to fans of gore metal like Exhumed, General Surgery and Carcass! Believe my words, you won`t regret it!    

Rating: 8.5/10  Pharmacist bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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