Entrails Massacre (02.08.20)

Greetings Daniel! First of all I want to congratulate you with your super anniversary! How do you feel about it? 30 years anniversary wow, that is a long road. You guys are definitely due. When did Entrails Massacre officially form?

Dear Alexander, hello and thank you very fucking much! We really appreciate your absolutely true support, it`s awesome to talk with you. The band was founded on the 28th of July 1990, 05. 30 am on a trainstation near Dresden in South- Eastgermany. We still lived in the former GDR, 3 months later Germany got reunited. I was visiting a Carcass/ Pungent Stench/Atrocity show with some friends the night before. Later that morning we thought that it’s time for us to form a band and make some noise. Always makes me smile when I remember those wild times.

Let`s talk about your latest EP. What’s the concept behind the album cover? When it was recorded and who will release it?

The EP is called „Network of epic misery“ was recorded in the middle of 2018 and was released digitally I think in September 2019. It was tracked and mixed by our friend Pierre Witte here in the SessionStudio Rostock. William from Gadget mastered it @ the OverlookStudio in Gävle, Sweden. Sebastian from the bands Bitterness Exhumed/ Negativ Null is the one who created the cover & artwork which came out really good I think. We really love all of his art he did over the last recent years. He got his own style and when he came up with that idea it really fitted well with Danilo’s lyrics which deal with all the racist & fascist networks that got bigger in the last couple of years all over the world.

We talk about Trump, Le Pen, Johnson, Orban etc., all the fucking Nazis which are meanwhile in leading positions or have seats in parlaments in a lot of countries. Fuck all of`em!!! The EP was supposed to be released as a physical 7“ by a friend from the USA but it got delayed and delayed over months and months. Just recently the label got into some personal depths so we decided together that we look for another label to release it. So I wanna use the chance right now and here- if anybody is interested to release that EP hit me up with a message on facebook or drop me a mail: taktrolf@web.de. It’s got a killer sound and some high quality artwork!

What do you think about conceptual albums? For example, some metal bands like to do this kind of stuff. How long did it take the band to write the music on the latest release?

Personally, I think for me it doesn’t matter if an album is a concept album ot not as long as I dig the music. To write the songs for the „Network of epic misery“ i think it took us quite some months.

Does the whole band take part in the writing process, or does one member usually write everything?

Most of the ideas for the tracks we’ve done in the last couple of months and years came up while jamming with guitar and drums. Sascha and me just love to go for it and jam the shit out of us. Danilo is mostly supervising the creative process and working on the vocal & lyric lines besides. Robert, our bassplayer is adding his ideas constantly. In the end we all together create the songs & music we love to play.

How do you find the energy to go on with grindcore ?

I can’t imagine any other lifestyle to be honest. Playing music is essential for me and the other guys. We can express a lot of things which are moving and driving us forward constantly. Jamming, going to shows, playing shows, making records,being on the road, booking shows for other bands, travel to a lot of interesting places, partying, being friend with a lot of talented & creative people, artists and bands ….all that seems to give us a lot of fun & is our way of life. Beside of that I try to eat healthy & work out almost daily to keep in shape, haha…

Now I can honestly say that you`re an old band, haha. So I’ve always been wondering if young bands ever turn to you for help or advice?

Seriously we don’t feel like an old band, haha. The spirit & all the positive impact of living the Grindlife keeps us fresh, hungry & thirsty!!! We know a lot of people in the local & international music scene, so there is always a good connection with young people or bands. We love to help and support young bands and I guess they kick our lame old asses and inspire us with fresh ideas and actions. I think in the music scene is always a constant give & take situation between the people who are involved.

A few months ago you entered the studio again. I’m very curious about that session, could you tell me what have you recorded there?

We recorded 9 new songs in the end February 2020 and worked again with our homie Pierre Witte in the SessionStudio Rostock. It’s all finished and mixed right now and we started to work on the mastering. This will be done in Sweden and the USA. We plan to use the songs for 2 upcoming Split-EP’s and one track is a coverversion that will appear on a Tribute LP. It will be a Tribute to Capitalist Casualties Compilation LP released by an American label later this year. Meanwhile the Corona crisis without any shows or so made us doing more new songs. I guess we have like 5 tracks ready. If the situation stays like it is right now I guess we will enter the studio again in late 2020. Concerning live shows we have to see what will be possible in this year, on the plan is to do a mini-tour in the Czech Republic in November. And we will have a new video out in September/ October.

What do you think about those people that use the grind scene in order to make money? I am not talking about labels only but also about people that will do everything in order to achieve that. Please, share your thoughts about diy-movement. I think world’s underground scene wouldn’t be such as it is without it.

In general, I think everybody’s free to do whatever she/ he wants to do. But I am really wondering about the idea to make money out of Grindcore. How the fuck should that work? Grindcore is not the music everyone is listening to, it is meant to be anti music (the campaign for musical destruction continues…) so I guess it’s very hard for the idea to earn a lot of money with a music that only a few people all over the world are listening to. I’d rather share the idea that Grindcore is bringing all those few people from all continents together to create something that is different from anything else. Of course the DIY is the absolute base for that. We strictly believe in that and don know something else, also in the retrospective of the past 30 years. DIY or die!!!

What the best thing in people that piss you off, especially nowadays?

Fascism, Ignorance, Nationalism, Greed, Racism, Homophobia, militarism, elitism, stupid conspiracy theories, consuming addiction, lies, self destruction, anti- science movements, anti abortion laws, gentrification and so on. Right now I just saw that former punks are marching now with the anti-Corona Nazis over here, I just can’t understand that.

The last physical release that you bought was?

Ona Snop- „Geezer“ LP

That was a blast, thank you so much for this talk! Hope to meet you again soon!

Thank you very much Alex! Have a nice vacation buddy! Hope to see ya all soon again, thanx again for the wodka @ Grind here-right now Festival last year! Stay safe, stay healthy- the same to all of your family members & friends. Watch out for all our new shit, check it our or follow us on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify…or whatever the fuck you want. Grind for life! Cheerz!

Contacts:  Facebook page    Instagram page    Bandcamp page

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