Eye Gag – Your Achievements

This review has been a long time coming, sit down and hold on tight because we are going on a 75 track Noiscore Safari. Eye Gag is the one man project of Sam Sandoval based out of Chicago,Illinois. The album in the spotlight today is Your Achievements is a compilation of all of the material Eye Gag has released up to this point. 

Where do I even begin with this album? All 75 songs are split into 3 seperate tracks on the album, so it’s a never ending onslaught from the start. Kicking it all off is 31 tracks titled Industrial Amphetamine Supplier, and it wastes no time grabbing you by the head and slamming you face first into a proverbial concrete slab. Everything about this recording has that raw, DIY feel that all good Noisecore should have. 

The next 10 song “track” we have served up to us is titled WHY DID THEY DIE? Coming in at a solid 2 minutes 50 seconds, these 10 songs are like standing at a gun range with no ear protection. Pure, primal, and aggressive as hell, you will surely have to listen to these tracks a second time to make sure you consumed everything properly.

 To close things out, we are given another 34 tracks from the split with Coke Nail. Forgive me if I am sounding repetitive, but these songs all go by so damn fast it’s hard to believe you actually just spun an entire album front to back. Everything is short, to the point and holds nothing back. 

If you’re at all a fan of bands like Sedem Minut Strachu, Deche-Charge and Scab Addict, you’ll definitely enjoy Eye Gag.

7.5/10  Eye Gag bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

review by Shawn

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