Anatomical Plastination – Removal Of The Dead Flesh

There are a lot of undervalued bands in our underground, I know that it’s nearly impossible to check or know all of them and track them too, but I want to fix that. Today I want to talk about the one really interesting pathological act – Anatomical Plastination. This band was based in Mexico, and the guys were fans of old school gore and death metal. I was lucky to get a copy of this 7” from Grotesque Records (thank you bro).
First what I thought when I unpacked this vinyl was “goddamn is this a tribute to Carcass?!”, ha! Indeed the cover art is very similar to the legendary “Reek of Putrefaction”, but there are a lot of bands who used this style in their works. I think it’s kind of respect to grandpas Carcass.

Removal Of The Dead Flesh is a debut recording for this band, it`s really cool to see a fresh re-press of it. First of all, I want to say that this material rocks! You can say that this music is not exclusive or unique, and I will agree with that. But this gore sounds great. In each song, I felt strong vibes from bands like Impetigo and Carcass, and I think it’s cool and tasty, especially when you tired from blasting grindcore. The production of these sick tunes is awesome, old-style sound, nice buzzing tone of the guitar, 1 string solos, creepy screaming vocals (sometimes with pitch-shifted effects) and simple drum parties. This is totally worshiping to old times, ha!  

Rating: 8/10  Anatomical Plastination bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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