Agathocles / Assur

Belgium day on GGGG! This 7” was released by young Belgian label Orange Elixir Records and, obviously, both bands are from the same country too. I’m confident in AG, but new stuff from Assur is making me curious. I remember their demo and it was not the best stuff that I heard, but I want to give a chance to them. So let’s begin with side A!      

My old friends from AG used some old recordings for this release. All songs were recorded in Belgium and Canada during the 2017-2019 period. I want to highlight that this is a proper recording, you`ll be able to hear all details and riffs. It looks like we have here 5 brand new songs (!!!), I think they were recording before Nils trip to LATAM. What can I say I enjoyed them, haha! Fast, raw, and angry mincecore in the best traditions, what else do we need?)  Well known vocals, fuzzed guitar, loud drums, and a bunch of sharp words (in the lyrics)… that’s what AG is all about. 

One corpse band Assur surprised me, his material is a way better than first demo work. All songs have nice intros and not bad production. The old school grindcore spirit is also here, there are a lot of great riffs. The guitar tone has a ton of buzzing vibration, which I love the most in this recording session. Vocals are not outstanding, but this growl sounds good. There is one thing that I didn`t like, it`s settings of drum machine, on my taste, digital blast beats sound too loud and cluttered the guitar sometimes. But this is still a cool one!

Conclusion: “Groovy”(c)

Rating – AG: 7.5/10     Assur: 7/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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