Inopexia – unREST IN GOREnoise

Last fall my old friends from Moscow released this massive release. Monstrous 72 song compilation was released on vinyl and CD formats. Guys gathered together all their material for more than 10 years of existence. All together we have here about 40 minutes of super blasting gore.
This ridiculously heavy shit has perfect cover art too, the artist made it in “Reek of Putrefaction” style, must admit that everything looks very solid and creepy.

The “unREST IN GOREnoise” is a bloody piece of noise that can be characterized as a “loud brainwashing psycho weapon”. This is not a ZZ Top tunes my lovely readers, this music will make your neighbors suffer, haha! Each of the songs is built around hyperspeed blast beats. The guitar is not the main instrument here, the same I can say about vocals… but hey, we have some sort of gorenoise here, right? Old and new recording sessions are different. Sometime you will hear messy earache drilling, some material will remind you LDOH (make sure to check “Coagulopathia” song), but there are some tracks that will remind you weird gurgling roars from swamp creatures.
This is a good spot to stop, the rest you can dig on your own. Just remember that this is a great and significant release for the Russian grind underground. And if you’re in love with goregrind music, make sure to check this compilation!

Rating: 8/10    Inopexia fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get a CD or LP on NoBread rec and tape on Rotova Porojnina Records

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