Crotch Rot / Gore

For today’s review, I have a putrid release from Brazil. A split with Crotch Rot and old bloody Gore. Strange but I didn’t hear about this split until it arrived at my home. At first sight, this release has everything that gore release should have. Scary creepy cover art, this time it’s a proper drawing not just a collage of dismembered body parts. As for the vinyl, it’s a clear color one, honestly, I`m not a fan of this variation, because usually clear vinyl sound not so well, but I can`t be sure about this copy.  

This split begins with Crotch Rot. I remember that they always been played lo-fi groovy goregrind. Well, they still do groove, but the quality of the recording is much better. Their music is based on middle tempos structures + there is a lot of tupa-tupa beats, which makes this noise pretty dancing. The guitar sound is nice, pitch-shifted vocals are pretty usual as for this genre, but high screaming is damn stupid and sounds kind funny. I can’t say that I`m a fan of this band, but it was an unboring and nice audio session for me.  

The second band in this split is a truly legends Gore. They started 30 (goddamn) years ago and still active. This recording is pretty raw but on the other hand this making everything more honest and alive. This Brazilian trio always produces old school goregrind. Guitars riffs are rapid, vocals are terribly distorted… as for bass sound, it’s pretty much cluttered with other instruments, same I can say about the drums, they simply not too loud. But anyway I’ve enjoyed about this heavy mess very much!

Rating:  Crotch Rot: 7/10    Gore: 7.5/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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