Mass Extinction – Never​-​Ending Holocaust

Today I want to talk about the debut of young American band Mass Extinction. The band who screams protest against animal abuse and who stand for animal rights. This album looks and sounds great. The cover art of this work consists of lots of scary little pictures cut out collage-style to add to the painful feelings. This image makes it clear that you will hear something serious and dark.
The album also offers a series of atmospheric, pain-ridding induced lyrics and music which makes you feel angry about this situation with the animals. 

Never​-​Ending Holocaust is a story in 10 chapters/songs, each of it charged with a huge portion of rage. This work has a great brand US grind sound and nice production. The riffs are fast (mostly) but not easy to play. Also, I want to highlight this fuzzing-buzzing sound of the guitar, it`s a real killer. The vocals sound like someone needs to see a throat doctor immediately, haha! I didn’t find anything special in drums, but their sound perfectly fits for all of this chainsaw mess. The music almost feels like pure hatred and disgust are coming out of the speakers because it sounds so dark and atmospheric. Especially the last track, that sounds sludgy and very demonic…

To summon things up this release brings out a grindcore punch of music that makes you want to destroy. I hope that this work will open some minds about this huge and cruel problem in our world.

Rating: 8/10    Mass Extinction bc

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