Greenmachine – D.A.M.N.

What could be better than powerful slow music for the end of the working week? For this Friday`s write up I picked up re-issue of the debut album from Japanese Greenmachine! Well, as I said, this is the first one from this band, and if you don’t like sludge metal, and I mean SLUDGE, stay far far away, haha!
This piece of hate was released 24 years ago (a pretty old one, isn’t it?), in CD format, and finally, now this album has a vinyl version. This re-press has a new pretty primitive art, but I think this drawing fits for this music perfectly. The quality is super good, the sound was not fucked up during the special mastering for this analog format, so the vinyl sound very good. Ah yes, that`s not all, this new edition has few bonus tracks, so it`s not just a simple copy of the old release.

Alright, enough bullshit. This album sounds very heavy and demonic, and I didn`t feel the garage sound in it. I think “D.A.M.N.” was recorded in the proper studio, unlike their colleagues from the USA, who often recorded their shit in basements and garages. I love the way how Japanese people playing extreme music, they always give their last and the results are always rich with emotions. This hardcore crusty sludge is a real deal. This wonderful album just slaps you in the face with slow, painfully drawn out Sludge! No “Yngwie Malmsteen” solos, no keyboards, no clean vocals – just concentrated rage, and southern-style material. Tuns are full of low frequencies, production is also very cool. The sound has enough mud to sound viscous and crazy. And of course, “D.A.M.N.” has its own and deep atmosphere of suffering and dark emotions. The album ends with a nasty bonus, 2 killer live songs that will finish you!

This album made my Friday. If you love good heavy as fuck music, this album is exactly what you`re looking for!

Rating: 8.5/10      Greenmachine fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!


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