North American Grind Freaks (Unholy Grave tribute)

When I heard about this tribute, my first thought was “man that sucks…”. But it’s only because I don’t like tributes and Unholy Grave is my favorite Japanese band, haha! Must admit that I was surprised and I was wrong about this release. All bands (well almost all) don`t copy UG or tried to play a similar style… Even the front cover has nothing common with these Jap legends. I found it funny and cool, I love how everything turned for this work.

Altogether we have 13 bands and, about, 20 minutes of savage and raw noise. Pard me boys and girls but I don`t want to talk about all bands, of course they are all great, I just want to pick up a few of my favorite tracks. So…

The beginning of this wild ride belongs to Sulfuric Cautery they made supper blasting track. That was a super cool “punch in the face” song, haha! Guys from Heinous played “Broken into Pieces” and it was nasty. A low sound, disgusting pitch-shifted vocal, and great performance! Archagathus tried to copied UG style and I like it, that was really fun, especially parts with vibretto vocals. P.L.F. played simple but lyrically powerful “No Racial Superiority”, it was an interesting piece, I think that was the slowest work from Bryan (the drummer) that I heard in years, haha!) The “Worthless Prize” from Melting Rot is the last song of this tribute. Must say that I was loud and heavy, perfect cover play for the ending.

For the last words, I want to add that this release was unexpectedly pleasant for me and it was worth of wasted time. I didn`t write about all bands so there is some space for your own investigation 😉

Rating: 8/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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