The Dog – Avenge Us

The Dog are Polish hardcore weirdos. They really love to make experiment`s and this band is not from these who love to stay in one genre. The Dog started with more or less traditional hardcore/metal, but step by step they turned in something another something bigger. I can’t give a clear characteristic of this music, which is interesting and not usual for me. In comparison to their previous album “Avenge Us” has less aggression, less of a straight structure line. Also, this full length has a weird mix of different genres. Must say that this is not my style of the music and I didn`t dig this material from the first listening. But somewhere between 4th and 5th try I started to catch different music puzzles and put them into one picture. 

“Avenge Us” starts with an interesting atmospheric vocal intro, then everything jumps to some kind of thrashing hardcore, with strong vibes of 90th. The unusual mix of brutality, melodies, clear vocal, and the weird atmosphere is making a mess in the head of the listener. During the listening, I noticed some influences from the band like Dawn, Carnivore, and a small touch of Type Of Negative (strange isn`t it?). Song Camping In The Desert (Of Life) pushed me into New Orlean slow scene, I felt a strong influence from Down and Crowbar bands. Melancholia from “Haunted Heart” reminds me of some works of the legendary Peter Steele. And all of these songs are spiced with hardcore.
This album surprised me, it was fun to decompose it into its components. Must say that this is still not my cup of tea, but I strongly recommend you listen to “Avenge Us” and get your own opinion, this LP is worth it.

Rating: 7/10    The Dog bc

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