BruceXCampbell – South To No Life

Time for more music on GGGG. For today’s review we have Los Angeles, Americans BruceXCampbell and their second full length “South To No Life”. I know that guys spend a lot of blood, time, and sweet on this recording, but the results are awesome! Let’s see what this album is all about. This LP was released by 3 different labels, each of them took care of different formats. Grindfather prod (UK) – released a tape, Psychocontrol Records (Czech Republic) – released a vinyl and No Bread rec – CD. The cover of CD and tape are differs from LP version, but all of them have something common and mysterious. As usual under this black n white art, I found a bunch of very aggressive tracks. I wasn’t surprised because BruceXCampbell has never disappointed me, haha! If you heard them once you will know what to expect. People love them for their brand sound, furious performance, and energy.     

Be careful because all 15 songs are filled with hyper octane grindcore. “South To No Life” kick your teeth in with a massive “Ashley” song. But this track is just the beginning of the journey to the land of madness and blast beats, haha!  All songs are very smashing even in their most slow moments… But let`s decapitate this full length more closely. Generally, the production is simply great. The sound isn’t super perfect it has some pleasant rawness in it. Also, the sound is heavy af, its low vibration sounds dangerous like a huge armed riot. 
As the record rolls on you`ll get more and more destructive tunes with good riffs and low vocals.
Maybe someone would say that most of the songs sound very similar, well… In my opinion, this work has no need for variation (in song structures or in riffs or in additional vocal and movie samples). Because it’s a solid portion of emotions (negative mostly) and that how grindcore should sound!  

Rating: 8.5/10    BruceXCampbell fb    BruceXCampbell bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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