Blue Holocaust – Flesh for the Cannibal God

I won’t lie this album is on my list of the best grind releases of 2019. And I was extremely happy to find a CD version of “Flesh for the Cannibal God” in the promo box from No Bread rec. So let`s start with the visual side. The design of this bloody masterpiece looks simply gorgeous. Theme of cannibalism is fully disclosed. The front cover has so many nice and tiny details… this is incredible work, a work that looks like a huge tribute to Ruggero Deodato`s “Cannibal Holocaust”. Each time when I look at this art I always find a new piece of the puzzle, haha!
When I was writing these words, my neighbors were suffered, because I spin this CD very loud and 3 times in a row, haha!

This album has all attributes of good gore release, and this lp is so differs from nowadays goregrind works. It has an old school moldy sound and an interesting (sometimes mystic) atmosphere. But let`s start in order. The production of this putrid mess is very nice, I think everything in this recording session was made by Blue Holocaust themself. As I already said the sound is great and old, riffing and song structures remind me of some well-known gore acts from 90th early 00th. Guitar has a love buzzing sound, its vibrations are freaking sharp! Drums are well done too, but sometime sound of the cymbals is disappearing in the guitar noises. And the last thing – vocals! Our French friends managed to create a toxic mix of dreadful pitch-shifted vocals and classical hoarse roars, the result is simply bone-crashing! Also, there are few good movie samples and a crocodile roaring (it`s a barely perceptible, but interesting touch). Guess what? This putrid gore has a fucking lyrics! It`s so rare for these days and I really love it!     

In the end I just want to add that such ugly music makes people happy, haha!

Rating: 9/10    Blue Holocaust fb      Blue Holocaust bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy from the band (all formats), vinyl – Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench, CD – No Bread rec  

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