MooM / God’s America ‎

Are you bored at home, you don`t know what to listen to? This quarantine isolation is killing you? Well, here is a solution that will return your good mood back. Small but dangerously fast, believe me, this split 7” is exactly what you need. This piece of plastic is like a cheerful cure for depressed grind/powerviolence fans, haha!

The music:  

Don`t know why but grind/fastcore/pv music is very unpopular in Middle East countries. That’s why I was extremely happy to discover this band from Israel. Loud, fast, and quite mad that how I can characterize this squad. Yes all structures and riffs are well known, but MooM playing everything with honest aggression and without hipster shit. Their sound is clear (as for hardcore/pv bands), and that is cool for vinyl release, it helps to avoid the messy sound. Well, the guitar has not super low tune, same with bass and drums, there is nothing outstanding but they sound ok. But there is one definitely crazy thing it`s female vocal. These screams make this music brighter and spicier.         

US guys from God’s America has harsher material and a bit messy sound. I think this is the second time when I`m writing some words about their music… must admit they didn`t disappoint me again. This material has all attributes of good pv: punching short songs, wild furious energy and interesting atmosphere of madness. Can`t say that this band stands out from the American powerviolence scene, but these people know how to kick you right into your face (with their tunes of course ;))!  ‎

Rating: 8/10    MooM fb     God’s America ‎fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!


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