Gruesome Stuff Relish ‎- Don’t Look Back!!!

I must confess, compilations are no my favorite type of releases. But not all of them are blank and boring. Sometimes it happens that the right combination of old songs could drive you crazy and make you headbanging all daylong. We have here that kind of situation. Spanish gore masters Gruesome Stuff Relish release this CD last year, but this noise is still actual and loud! Altogether we have 15 songs about scary stuff like cannibals, zombies, maniacs, and other lovely characters. All these spooky stories were released in good looking (Meat 5000 Records made a good job) digipack with magnificent art.

Usually goregrind is full of short primitive riffs, blast beats, and pitch-shifted vocals, but not this time. We have here an atmospheric and heavy shit! The mix of sound and guitar riffs brings you right into a horror movie! Also I`m a fan of these short guitar solos, small moments like these are making all songs brighter. Drum sound reminds me of old Carcass times when they played gore music. But all the above is nothing without creepy styled vocals, they are making this noise spicier!

This CD is strongly recommended for these freaks who are tired from LDOH styled goregrind and for these who love horror music!

Rating: 8/10      Gruesome Stuff Relish fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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