Crippled Fox ‎- 10 Years Of Thrashing

It’s cool to see how more and more band are celebrating their anniversaries with special releases. Today I want to spin one cool anniversary 7” of fast / thrashcore band from the heart of Hungary. Crippled Fox is simply great… sometimes goofy, sometimes fast and furious, but they always managed to find the way to your mind.
This single-sided vinyl has only 5 songs, and this shortness is the only negative thing of this EP. All tracks are charged with a fire! Let’s imagine that Ghost Rider doesn’t have a bike, instead, he has a skateboard, so this music will perfect fits for that story, ha! He would probably fight his enemies even harder with the help of this noise, hahaha!

This music is full of fun and aggression. Interesting bass sound, thrashing guitar riffs, yelling vocals, and fast drum beats… this shit will make you crush everything around you. There are only simple components, there is no super-duper technics or hard-play riffs or other modern bullshit, guys managed to create something strong with the only few riffs and few loud screams. I think the secret is in honesty of Crippled Fox, guys are playing what they really want and love. This EP feels like a pill with concentrated energy, drink it and all strength will back to your body.

Rating: 8/10    Crippled Fox bc    Crippled Fox fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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