Intestinal Disgorge / Inopexia

What should contain a good gore release? Disgusting cove art? Low sound and blasting drums? Yes! This split exactly falls under these parameters. An only visual part could make you vomit… there are so many photos of wounded soldiers from the Great War, it`s freaking me out not only with gore but with social side too. War is so dirty business…
As for the tunes, all putrid stuffing belongs to Americans Intestinal Disgorge and Russians Inopexia… Both acts are pretty popular and that was only a matter of time when they will meet on one release, hehe. Each of the band loves to make dirty noises, and all of them know how to do it properly. I was stoked when I only saw the first news about this shit, and now I even more stoked because I finally got a CD. Now I will listen to this one, so let’s dig this split with me…

It’s always hard to review Intestinal Disgorge, because they always manage to create a ton of various stuff. Some of their tunes are unbelievably good, some sound not so well… but that’s why I respect these guys, they are not afraid to make crazy experiments. Let’s say that we have here not the brightest work of I.D. Gore concepts is not so strong here, the band used more death metal and noise parts in this recording session, which makes this mess sounds very heavy (and slower than usual). Guitar has less of grind sound, drums have more brutal death taste. I must confess that I was never a fan of BDM genre, I think that’s why this material sounds a little boring to me.

And when it comes to Inopexia, well… This is simply brain-crashing gore with all main elements in it. Headache-causing blast beats, the toilet-vomiting sound of vocals, and low tuned guitar. Only drums alone are enough to shake nerves and destroy your mind. But altogether (all instruments) it creates a wall of bulldozering sound and madness. It’s always hard to write about good stuff like this, but you should know only one, if your blood starts to boil when you hearing blasting gore (let’s say ala LDOH), then this band will take place in your sick heart.

Rating: Intestinal Disgorge – 7/10    Inopexia – 8/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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