Buio Mondo / Nashgul ‎– Un Omaggio A Lucio Fulci E Fabio Frizzi

Nashgul is well known grind brigade. But their last release surprised their fans and my ass too, haha! Guys joined their forces with Buio Mondo and recorded something very unusual (as for grind band). Both songs (yes we have only 2 two here) are a tribute to Italian horror masters Fabio Frizzi and Lucio Fulci. This work has deep historical and cultural roots (at least that’s how I feel about this EP), and if you are in love with horror movies you won’t ignore this release.
As usual, the artwork was made by Luis Sendón, he drew the most iconic zombie characters from “City of The Living Dead” and “Zombie”. Visually this small release good as hell, but what’s about the rest?

From the first notes, this music wraps you with super atmospheric and dark vibrations. Mysterious and deep melodies carry you right into the movie, and that feels amazing! There is a parts that brings you some kind of melancholy, but there is something elusive that makes you worry and fear… Buio Mondo made fantastic work with a keyboard and all other samples, Nashgul was in charge of guitars and drums. The result of this teamwork is fucking amazing!

It’s damn hard to write about all emotions that this music evokes in me. There were few moments when I even had plunged into a trance, haha! I bet, if Fulci was alive, he would be pleased with this work!

Rating: 9/10    Buio Mondo bc     Nashgul fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong and alive by supporting the bands!

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