Crash Syndrom / Cannibe

What can hide behind such distasteful and ugly cover? Bingo, it’s a sick gore tunes! Here is a split CD that contains bands from Italy and Japan… You will find a few words about both of them a little bit lower. 

Cannibe is an Italian one-man band that starter to play almost 2 decades ago and it`s still producing tons of the material. I respect the guy behind this name, but I was never a fan of his music, however, some songs of Cannibe are good. So this new material was created in weird death-gind style (with a big portion of noisy gore, of course)… also these tracks are classically long (according to the sub-genre) more than 3 minutes each. And, I think, that is the main factor why all 4 songs sound a bit boring. The beginning of all songs is nice but somewhere in the middle, you wanted to skip the track. Generally, It`s pretty lo-fi stuff, but the guitar sound is not so bad, same with vocals (even without variety, it still good)… can`t say nothing bad of good about drum programming, because it has a very typical annoying sound.

Japanese Crash Syndrom is closing this split… must say that this material is much better than their debut album. This sort of deathgrind reminds me of the old good 90th. I literally feel Carcass influences in these tracks, and I love it. Riffing is pretty simple, but it manages to create a nice atmosphere. Same I can tell about the sound, I think CxSx tried to make it similar to old times and they done it well. Sound is moldy, not super clean and without huge dynamic but it`s cool and reminds me of a lot of ancient bands. Maybe some tracks are too long, but in the end, I was pretty satisfied with this recording.    

Rating:   Cannibe 5.5 / Crash Syndrom 7.5

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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