Sedem Minut Strachu – SE Asia tour 2019

Last year my good friends from Slovakia took a great journey over the Asian part of our continent. Of course, they brought with them some merch and they also recorded something special for this road-trip.The tape is full of hate, idiotism, rage and annoying sounds, haha! All the tracks were recorded in February 2019 + there are a few things from older recordings. You won’t find any titles here, none of the songs have a name.  
The design on this cassette cover is quite simple, it’s just a messy collage (that is very common for noise and grindcore genre) in red and white colors – it looks fantastic and stylish.

I do not remember how many times I’ve reviewed this band, but it’s always (well almost always) fun to listen to this noisecore. SMS have kept their own style, and a lot of their stuff has the same sound, but if you think that is the most important part of this art – you`re wrong. The main point here is the feelings that were woven into these strange loud tunes.
Yes, this music is messy, savage and hard to understand… but this shit can break your brain apart. Fast blasting with a high snare sound, distorted roars and screams, and chaotic song structures. That is what you will hear here and if you`re not prepared for a good and hyper octan portion of aggression, then just beware of this tape! 
Rating: 7.5/10    Sedem Minut Strachu bc

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