Neuro Visceral Exhumation (23.04.20)

Hello, my friend! It’s unbelievably cool to hear that NVE is alive again! So how do you feel about it?

Hi there! Well… I feel very glad with this cause we wanted to do this so many times before and it never happened … so now we are back for more gore indeed.

It must be good to be back right? Could you give us a little background on why you wanted to make music again? And what stopped you from doing that back then?

It’s good… yeah ! I wanted to do this cause I felt like I was lacking something to give to our fans as they are always bringing back our name in gigs, in all kinds of events. What stopped us was the distance , ok? As I was living in the South of Brasil and I stayed there for a long time studying/working. So . . . Now I am with all instruments at hand and a mind filled with ideas. It means that me and André could already do something very interesting … but now Johnny is on the Studios Sessions, it’s easier to record more material.

You started more than 20 years ago, I must say that’s a lot of time. Could you tell your band’s story? I bet it would be interesting for those who don`t know much about NVE.

Well…. we started in 1998 with four members being Johnny and me always the current members since the first DEMO in 1998. In 1999 we recorded songs for a Split Ep with Bradyphagia and in 2000 stayed in the band just me and Johnny to record the Split cd with Lymphatic Phlegm and after this we called Marcos to join us as the guitar-player for the two albums and one Split 7’’ep with mesrine. In the end… Johnny left the band and Rafael Guimarães joined us on the vocals … so stayed me , Marcos and Rafael for the final live shows. Today you know… the band is me and André Luiz … Johnny decided join as a SESSION STUDIO member and maybe a LIVE member in the future.

What about new songs? Do you have any in the works?

Uhum… we have! It’s a secret for you all … won’t disappoint!

Fred, I know that you’re an old school guy. This is your way of life and you use it in the music. So what does this “term” mean to you?

Hmmm… time passes by , no? It means a lot to me because we live in the past… I remember the first time I got Repulsion or Carcass stuff in my hands in LP format! That’s great! Won’t get off my mind till I die! And I compose songs for N.V.E. Always try to do something towards the Oldschool army and listeners … but of course I compose what I feel in the moment , it means that sometimes something new can be available in this song. Otherwise . . . I do what I feel in that moment but at least most of the time it’s really OLD SCHOOL. One last example… I am a lover of OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL , understand? And it’s my life-style … won’t change!

What is the current lineup of Neuro Visceral Exhumation? Who is new, who is still in the band, and how well does this team work together?

Sure! Well… The band today is composed by: ME (Fred) on the drums and all compositions (music and lyrics) … and as a SESSION studio member and a close friend since childhood of me of course Johnny on Guitar + Bass and vocals well known for recording with me all N.V.E. records. So … it Works because me and Johnny live in the same City it makes it easier to rehearse together. Johnny has his own band and is friendly in helping me put new material out.

In recent years it’s become very popular to make vinyl reissues. I have to ask, will there be a chance to get your albums on vinyl? In the future of course. Is there any labels who were curious about it?

Uhum… it’s true! And… I am glad that our work was recognised at all! Of course I guess it’s a big chance that some labels have an interest in releasing our old or new stuff in Vinyl once again.

Since this shitty isolation began, I bet that you`ve watched a lot of good bloody movies. So what are some of your favorites and how do old horror movies affect the NVE song writing process?

My life is a horror movie… haha! No… I am not into horror movies at all … I used to watch more shockumentaries or real-death-footage than horror movies as you meant. But today… I am not into films I am more into the musical compositions for the new releases.

I know that it’s too early to ask, but anyway. What about live gigs? Are you ready for them?

Great question… to me I do all I can to give feedback to our fans’ interest to the band. But… it depends not only on me… I am prepared , no problems. I would like to play everyone we can with my friends around to share some good times together like you for example.

Brazil is well known for its rain forest, mountains and tons of beautiful views. What places can you recommend to visit? Where do you love to travel with your children?

Man… I do not have children

Contacts:  facebook page / bandcamp page

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