Purulent Spermcanal (18.04.20)

Let’s start this interview with a question about Purulent Spermcanal in Ukraine. Did you enjoy the tour?

Yes, we really enjoyed it, Ukraine is a beautiful country with nice people.

By the way, this year Purulent Spermcanal will turn 25! It`s a big date man! My honest congrats and hugs. How do you feel about it and how do you see P.S. in the next 25 years?)

Kokeš: Yes, you are right, we play together really for 25 years. Thank you for congratulations, we are happy about that. The times spent together were nice, sometimes hard, but we wouldn’t change anything and we believe that it will last for some more time… So we’re gonna piss you off for some more time.

What does inspire you to write your lyrics? What’s your favorite topic? And why the hell you`re so nasty?)

Maro: In our case, it’s not about the texts, but more about momentary inspirations which influence us and these moods we transform to throaty outbursts. It’s always about the humor, cannibalism and deviations of people around us. My inspiration is being high.

And one more about songwriting. Did you guys have fun making the new record?

No, this year we have lots of plans to play live all around the world, but the situation came… we all know what… broke up all our plans. This year we didn’t plan to make a new record.

I couldn’t help but notice that you`re very active, even during this quarantine. You have a lot of rehearsals. How many new songs have you already prepared?

We don’t do new songs, but we have a vision to do a record of some grindcore bands cover versions with guest vocalists. As you could notice, we play the songs of bands that should appear on that record (Impetigo, General Surgery, Regurgitate…). But of course we do practice the songs we play on our shows and most importantly – we spend the time together.

What’s the plan for this year? On what releases are you working now? I heard that the next will be split CD with Tu Carne, right?

This year, under Bizare Leprous Prod. label, we plan to release a split CD with our hardcore brothers from Ostrava – Carnal Diafragma. Another one will be with our Italian friends Cannibe (hi to Ivan and Nicola) – label is not known yet. And last but not least, third split CD is being prepared with our Spanish bros Tu Carne under Meat 5000 Rec. label. That’s all what is already firmed and some other proposals are still being considered.

Czech Republic has a very grazy grind scene and fans. Tell me please how many people usually visit gigs in your country. And could you compare your country fans with fans in other countries. Where is the most insane public?

We feel, about concerts, that the situation is the same in Czech as in any other country on our beautiful planet. On some shows, you have lots of fans, on some shows the crowd is more humble, but this doesn’t make a difference. For example, in Ukraine we were very satisfied with the crowd even if the count of them was not so high, as fans created a beautiful explosive atmosphere. Also in Spain, Portugal, Germany or even in Czech village Brno, the crowd can make a real hell under the stage. That’s why we think that fans are crazy all around the world and now we are curious about fans Russia or Latin America where we plat to go.

Your top 5 favourite heavy metal albums?

5th HELLOWEEN – Walls of Jericho
4th METALLICA – Master of Puppets
3rd SEPULTURA – Arise
2nd KREATOR – Extreme Aggression
1st DREAM THEATER – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (the most grind core album ever – translators note J)

5th ARAKAIN – Trash the Trash
4th KREYSON – Anděl na Útěku
3rd TESTAMENT – The Gathering
2nd KORN – Follow the leader
1st DREAM THEATER – The Train of Thoughts

Let’s go back in time… Why did you start this band? Did you play in other bands before? Who’s involved in Purulent Spermcanal with you?

This band was found by Petrouš at the time when me and Kokeš were already playing together. Petrouš wanted to play extreme perverse gore grind which was not very common at that time in Czech. We made a deal and Kokeš and me joined the band. In parallel, I was playing also in black metal Enochian and Kokeš in grind core Shambeles.
Current line-up is completed by Huža Kubis who was pulling the duck in the sandpit when we found the band – he was only 12 years old at that time J. Huža also played guitar in Rubufaso Mukufo.

What about vinyl? I know that you have only two 7” so far, do you have any plans to release your noise in this format?

Yes, we would like to… If we will get an offer, we’ll be in for sure. We also plan a Picture LP disc.

Tell us the most stupid tour story that you ever had?)

One story happened in Warszawa in 2000. It was a bus ride where the driver was driving like he is racing, we were tossed throughout the whole bus… and a few moments later we spent 7 hours at a train station. It was night, winter, the temperature was a lot below zero, we were tired after the show… it was the worst waiting for the train ever.
And another story – we have to mention Ukraine – we expected that we are just a short way to a place to sleep, but after 5 kilometers rally in the car we had to get off not to lose the exhaust pipe and continue by a walk through the woods. We felt like in the movie Citizen X about Andrei Chikatilo.
But now these memories make us laughing and we like to think back to these stories.

Please continue a joke. “Purulent Spermcanal enters the bar, and the bartender tells them… “

Purulent Spermcanal enters the bar and the bartender says: „Gentlemen, this must be a mistake, gay bar is across the street.“

Any words to the people who is reading us right now? Please puke your last comments)))

Maro: I have to tell you that I don’t drink coffee at all, but the smell, keeping me a company all the time on Ukraine, will last with me for a long time.
Listen to music, go to concerts and keep a weed with you J

Kokeš: Staying by the Ukrainian delicacies – I have never drink better vodka than yours. Kozatskaja Rada and Khmelnitsky bottled beer.
Moreover, I wish you all firm health, joy of life and music and strong friendly relations!

Contacts: facebook page / bandcam page



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