Crowd Surfers Must Die (14.04.20)

Greetings people from the planet X! How`re you doing these days? You have that bullshit virus too?)

Greetings, people from earth. This is supreme leader Noiseape hailing you. Yes, the virus has infiltrated this system as well. But we hide in our moon-base, watch movies, listen to noise, get wasted and sit it out. While our scientists work on a cure. The situation is bizarre and surreal, but I hope people see this as a warning and learn from it. Not to fuck around with mother nature and stop this lifestyle and culture of greed and exploitation.

I must confess, when I heard your noise for the first time I was so surprised and I surely had a stupid looking face at that moment, haha! Damn, that was something! Could you explain to me why Kaiju uses space themes and other odd stuff?

We always had a soft spot for sci fi/monster/horror/exploitation/cult movies, especially stuff like Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, Godzilla, Gamera…. All those great 60’s/70’s/80’s tv shows and VHS movies we rented or saw at the cinema. That stuff inspired our cosmic noise vibrations. Together with the music we grew up with and the soundtracks of our fave shows/movies. This all together made us into what we have become, the rulers of the galaxy. CSMD!!!

I can’t help asking myself about the name of this band. Why Crowd Surfers Must Die? The first thought I had was about the Troma movie, but I think that‘s not that case, am I right?

It’s goes of our hatred for the trendy pussy posers who are too scared to do a proper stagedive.

Let’s talk about your own small label – ‘No Fucking Labels’. Give us a bit of info about this small label, please.

NFL records started around 1998, I wanted to release some stuff of bands I did (Rotgut, CSMD) and distributing some boots a friend of mine did (Absolute Power) and before you knew it I was shitting out my own records. I have always been a connoisseur for noisecore / grindnoise and at that time not much was happening on vinyl of that type of stuff. So, I released the “I’m Going Ape” series and tons of other great stuff from bands I liked and support.

You were pretty silent during the last few years, are you in hiatus or something? If no, do you have new crazy tunes in the works?

Yeah after a shitty period in my life, the lack of inspiration, funds and the scene that has changed a lot after 20+ years doing the label (stupid download culture, Internet, hipsters and the ever changing scene that turns more and more mainstream/stupid). I lost interest in the label. So NFL is on hiatus and not sure if I will ever resurrect it. Only Darth Vader knows.

Yes CSMD keeps on rocking, we recently did a killer split tape with those lovely mutants from SPASTIC AMOEBAS on the superior Backwoods Butcher Records label. Get it before its gone, it has 20 min of new CSMD tunes to melt your brain with! The AMOEBAS kick you in the face as well. Also there is a split 7” EP in woks with CRACK (hope this will be released soon) and I got a new project going called SERPENTS ANUS (bestial black noise, think Gonkulator, Beherit on acid). We should have a demo out soon, so keep a tentacle out for that piece of evil filth!

You been here for more than 20 years (fuck!), what pushes you to keep going? What idea is pulsating deeply in your brain and telling you to keep doing this shit?

The answer is pretty simple, CSMD will continue until we have conquered all the galaxies in all the six dimensions. Destroyed all religious fucks, trendy posers, crowd surfers and weak minds!

Best top 10 Kaiju, go!

Godzilla, Gamera, King Ghidorah, The Space Amoeba, Gappa, Gigan, Megalon, Mothra, Viras and Guiron

Who is your biggest inspiration in music?

That’s a difficult one, there is many. But it was Napalm Death’s scum that got me into this. So I say Napalm Death. But Sore Throat, Man Is The Bastard, Gerogerigegege, Rupture and Extreme Noise Terror should be named as well. (+ more HA HA HA)

Since this fucking killing isolation, you must be watching a lot of movies. So what is your perfect setup for movie night?

With the whole corona thing in mind, I would say
-The Chain Reaction (Ian Barry/1980)
-The Andromeda Strain (Robert Wise/1971)
-Dawn of the Dead (George A. Romero/1978)
-The Disco Godfather (J. Robert Wagoner/1979) Goes you need some laughter as well.
-The Boxers Omen (Chih Hung Kuei/1983) Totally insane shit!
Good corona movie marathon madness, and if you want to extend the play, just add Godzilla, Destroy All Monsters and The Green Slime for a happy ending!

What`s the best release of CSMD in your opinion and why?

Another difficult question, we have a lot of crazy stuff I dig. But I go for “The Cosmic Noise Adventure” EP. It has it all, it’s completely mindboggling, drugged and spaced out. You can’t listen to it sober (best with hallucinogens or overdoses THC) and is a great way to start if you are listening CSMD for the first time.

Star Wars vs Star Trek. Your opinion?

Star Wars uber alles!!!

How do you like the noisecore movement nowadays? Any bands that you love?

There is still bands that do great shit, first that come to mind are Sedem Minut Strachu, Morte Lenta, Mental Abortion, Deflowered Cunt, Anal Butt,…. As long it’s no one man drumcomputer/electronic shit, I love it!!! NOISECORE 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!! 1,2, FUCK YOU!!!!

We all live in depressing, emotional stress, etc, so how do you see noisecore/grindcore (whatever) – is it a good way to get rid of that shitty mood and bad thoughts?

It’s a statement against popular music, pop culture, commercial shit and fucking stupid trends that people force you to like with their shitty social media bullshit. Fuck off with your facebook, bandcamp, twitter, download code and all that stupid shit. + It’s a whole lot of brainless fun to do, you don’t need to have any skills or know how to play an instrument, fuck that shit. GO FUCKING APE!!!!

I’m out of questions. It`s the right time to say “Hi” to our friend Doug (Erectile Dementia) and give some words of space wisdom to our readers.

I’m out of beer, thanks for the support. Keep it crazy, make noise and love the baby Yoda!!!
This is Noiseape, over and out.

Cantact:   official site

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