Collision (10.04.20)

Hello my friends, hope you’re doing well and you have enough toilet paper and beer at your home to survive in this stupid epidemic.

Hello my friend, yes we have! We even released our own beer with our final album. Since we broke up, we don’t see each other on a regular basis, but we got a lot of contact because of the new release, reviews and interviews. Cheers!

20 years ago you started this band, congrats boys, it’s a huge anniversary! Could you describe the last 20 years with only one sentence?

Fun! Being in Collision was a lot of fun, friendship, grindcore, thrash metal and beer! We went to a lot of great places in Europe and played smaller gigs and cool festivals.

What specifically inspires you to crossover with other genres of music? Why do you choose to mix traditional grindcore with other genres?

Not all members are full into grindcore, they like some other genres too. Like for example crossover, hardcore, metalcore and of course thrash metal. We started out as a full grindcore band, but after the first 2 or 3 songs, the other influences already slipped in our sound.

Let’s switch to “The Final Kill”. How many songs were recorded? How much beer was consumed during the recording session? When it will be released, as I know CDs are already in, right?

We wrote about 13 or 14 songs for a full-length album, but most of the songs were not as good as we expected… so we picked the best 7 songs. There were some more cool songs, but these turned our too death metal… that would ruin the vibe of this final goodby. Of course we drink some beers and coffee during recording, but we needed to focus on speed and aggression haha. Almost all our recordings were done by Erwin from Toneshed Studio, he offered us goodbye the opportunity to record a S.O.D. cover. So in 24 hours most of the members have to learn this song… you can hear it on bandcamp or the vinyl version of “The Final Kill”. The CD’s and LP’s are in, now waiting for the tapes. The digital release will be at 17th of april, but due to this Covid-19 virus, all albums and beers are already shipped.

In comparison with other bands you have a very stable lineup (there was only 1 change during all 20 years, wow). Could you tell us this secret of co-existence in the band?

We were an on and off band, that means we were not always 100% busy with Collision. Almost every member had their other projects during our existence. That varied from classic rock to mathcore to sludge metal. It kept us fresh.

Do you have other projects? I bet that you won`t stop making noises after Collision, so any plans for the future?

Oooh yes! I play with our bass player Boris in a new old school death metal/crustcore band Defy The Curse. We released a mini album a year ago and now working on our full length album. If you are into Entombed, Discharge etc you will probably like it. Job just finished recording an album with his old band Martyrium, very aggressive black/thrash metal! And of course Luc is always busy in a lot of bands! He plays for even more then 20 years in Pigtail, high quality classic rock covers, a Thin Lizzy tribute band and his crazy carnaval/party band De Hoegies. Björn is “retired” from making music, but who knows what the future brings. As far as I know, Job, Boris and of coure me are still looking for some new musical projects.

What do you think about this huge collision with the virus? Is this the end of humanity? Do you agree that human stupidity is more dangerous than a virus?

The virus is not the end of the humanity, probably the stupidity around it haha. It sucks that we can’t go our for a beer, a band etc. In the Netherlands the rules are not as tight as in other European countries. So we are still able to travel. But let’s hope it all over soon!

You guys have a long relationship with Luis Sendon, he drew for you 4 pieces (or even more) cover art. So when and how did you meet that talented guy? Is it easy to work with him?

We actually met a year ago, at a festival in Germany. We asked him for our album covers, since we played Obscene Extreme and really liked all the artwork they made. We just send him an e-mail and he really liked the concept. Luis Sendon did a great job capturing the 80’s vibe that we needed!

Let’s talk about the labels. You are working with Hammerheart Records for a long time. This label released a few of your previous works. Are you satisfied with all the work that this label is doing for you?

We actually have good experiences with all the labels we worked with. I do all the graphic work for Hammerheart Records, so it’s much easier and the lines are short in promotion and distribution. But we also did a cool split 7” a few years ago on a Slovakian label with our friends in Mincing Fury!

Since everything is collapsing and everyone should stay home, did you guys get your premium subscription from pornhub? They give it for free.

Are you asking this for a friend? Haha!

You also have two singers. How does it affect a band? I bet it’s more comfortable to have 1 more pair of free hands, so you can move all your stuff to the van much faster, right?

We both are not that good at playing instruments and we started the band, so it what easy for us to use 2 singers. I gave us some extra energy live and more variation in the vocals of course. And yes, more drivers, hands, navigators, merchandisers, lyric writers and so on!

Thank you so much for this short conversation! The last words belong to you.

Thank you for all the support and energy you put in Collision and the grindcore scene in general! Cheers!

Contacts: Facebook page / Bandcamp page / Official site

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