Sulsa – Gore Is My Business… 2014-2019

I think that most of you guys are not familiar with this name. But, Sulsa is worth your attention, because this South Korean duo is making really solid Gore. I’m not sure how many years this band has existed, but so far they’ve made about 9 releases and all of them are gathered here on this tape. Oh, speaking of, this tape release is really red. Design is sick, the photo in the front is so brutal, this gory, mutilated thing looks awesome, ha! And the noise is good too…   

Everything starts with just a perfect intro (I bet it was taken from a very, very old movie), but then these peaceful melodies turn into something mad and nasty! The wall of vomiting noises sounds smashing. I think it’s the latest stuff from Sulsa, the sound is simply great and tasty. The next material sounds good, but the sound isn’t nearly as badass, it’s still decent and fast. The guitar tone has the perfect tuning to play Gore. The drums are a bit goofy, but I love how they sound. This discography has an upside-down structure, so we will hear the regression of this band, weird huh? Slowly, track by track you will learn how this band transformed, how they learned to play and use their equipment. I caught some different approaches in the writing, sound mixing experiments, and many other things.  It was fun to listen to all 34 songs, yes some old recordings suck, but most of the material is pretty catchy and cool.

Be careful while listening to this stuff, don’t turn up the volume too loud, because it will damage your mind. This tape is strongly recommended for Gore freaks only!  

Rating: 7.5/10    Sulsa fb    Sulsa bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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