Anus Tumor / Nephrectomy / Gangrene Discharge

This year I received a huge number of gore releases to review, this split was there among others. From the first look this CD seemed to be a lo-fi gore release, and my intuition didn`t deceive me…  

Anus Tumor is a fun little noisegrind/gore/lo-fi death metal band, from Germany. I believe this one-man band has been around for about 20 years or so… During all these years this noise machine brought into the world a lot of different releases (they were released mostly as CDr`s). Generally it’s nothing new here… “Death metal” guitar riffs sound pretty weak, also all songs are equipped with standard drum machine sound, but the vocals aren’t so bad. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I get many pleasant feelings during listening… The first few tracks were fun but after this “music” became boring to me. 

The next band on this CD is Nephrectomy… it’s horrible, slow bullshiting Slamming Death/Grind, whatever, band. It was real torture listen to all 4 songs, haha!

I must admit that the end of this split is pretty pleasant. Gangrene Discharge brings real Gore vibes to this party. These tunes feel messier and almost primitive, even though it probably is a bad word to be used here. Energetic and groovy riffs, nice low-pitched vocals and middle paced tempos. This recording can`t be named as a Goregrind number one hit, but it sounds damn nice, especially against the 2 other projects.

Rating: Anus Tumor – 6/10  Nephrectomy – 2/10 Gangrene Discharge – 7/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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