No Bread rec (12.03.20)

Hola amigo! Hope you’re doing well. The year is almost over and it’s a perfect time to summarize what we’ve done this year. How much have you released this year? What is your favorite, and have any of them sold out already?

Hi Alex! first I want to say “sorry” for big delay with answers!
So, I never made results of the year, but only for you I checked all releases of 2019, its – 15 CDs, 8 tapes, 4 vinyls, 9 gigs, one openair. Plus on my second label 9 LPs – repress of classic russian punk albums 90s-00s. I like all my releases, by the way all releases and events of No BREAD! are great, all others releases and gigs are shit!

Pavel, you started this label about 9 years ago, so could you tell as about its history, and what inspired you to start your own label back then?

History of NO BREAD! is very simple – I just wanted to try run a label and nothing really inspired. I just like to touch CDs, LPs, tapes etc and i think I wanted to touch something I did by myself, not only my hard penis.

How many releases do you have in your catalog? Do you have some kind of standard for each year? For example 10 things per year or less or more?

I don’t know how much releases i have in my catalog because I haven’t a catalog. And I haven’t any plans. But I have some Ideas on releases and some gigs. To have plans is so boring. First 2 mounth of 2020 I relaxed and only now I start to think about something. 2020 will not be so intensive like 2019, that is what I know 100%! And I stopped releasing tapes on NO BREAD! because releasing tapes is very hardwork for me. Yes, I’m very lazy 🙂

Online sale vs live performing at the festivals – could you compare them? What is worse, what is good, please tell us about it.

I like to sell stuff on gigs for sure because I don’t need to visit fucking post offices and I can drink beer and vodka in a corner spending money which I earned on the sale CDs. Post offices in Russia its fucking hell, like a nursing home! FUCK! In order to send something by post I have to go to the city center to send parcels without stress and queues! I want to take this opportunity to say “sorry” for delay with sending orders

Best sellers from No Bread! rec list? Which release was sold fast as hell and why?

Hmm, I haven’t any releases with fast sale. I hope after this interview all my releases will be sold out. Hey rocker, buy my new releases – INOPEXIA, Orchestral Pit’s Cannibals, Blue Holocaust, Krupskaya, Internal Damage, First Days Of Humanity. Thanks!

I perfectly know that you’re making some gigs and festivals in Moscow. I need more info about this shit 🙂

I organized gigs in Russia of UNDERGANG, PULMONARY FIBROSIS, BLOOD, P.L.F., BIRDFLESH, WARFUCK, MASSGRAV, Nekro Drunkz, Cadaveric Incubator plus 2-3 local gigs per year. I haven’t big interest to make a lot of local gigs, it takes too much time. Better for me make “big shows” (haha) of foreign bands. But its so expensive – flights, visas, not popular in Russia grind/death music blah blah blah – these are typical reasons why now i make fewer concerts. But now I already have in plans some gigs in 2020, more info soon! Also, I make the openair with my friends this August – the Shallow grave fest in Moscow region in forest. The SGF is an illegal secret 2-days fest with 20-30 grind/death/doom etc bands mainly from Russia. Total underground!! 🙂 We could get an official permission to host the fest but we don’t see the point. I tried to find some places where we could make the fest, but when owners see what is planned there, what bands, the name of the fest, they say no (haha it’s lie, they just don’t want to see anything with loud rock music). Take this opportunity I invite groups to come to Russia and to play at our festival, but we will not pay for the flights 7-8 August 2020.

P.S. I want to say hello to all bands who came to Russia and to say THANKS to all crazy grind fans for supporting and buying expensive tickets on shows, and also to my friends who help me!

Let’s talk about dreams. Do you still have any bands that you really want to release?

No! I really haven’t any dreams like the one you described. These are stupid dreams I think. I have simple dreams – I dream that my family and friends are healthy, have the opportunity to do what they want. Well, I wish there were more good people and tasty beer.

Do you find bands on your own? Or they usually contact you? Also what do you think in regards to promo format? It is enough to send digital files to the label or better will be sent a proper Cdr?

Sure, usually I contact bands. NO BREAD! is not very popular label, but sometimes good bands contact me and I surprised “wow, this band consider NO BREAD! good label”. But my friend Ivan (SRAM, CHRONIC WASTE) says it’s all from despair ahah. I want to believe this is not.
About promo:
Even if someone wants to be an “old school only tape/vinyl label”, the Internet has long penetrated all spheres of life and physical promo is just inconvenient. If demo will be shit what I should do with tape/CDr? Should I throw it out the window? And I’ll throw it out and the band will spend money for shipping. Only digital promo.

Why the hell you choose this name? Does this have a connection to the starving years during WW2?

Oh no! The name is in no way associated with WW2. It’s just a joke. I didn’t want to name a label like headsplit, grindfather, terrible mutilation etc*, sorry guys 🙂 It’s so boring. NO BREAD not so funny too but I think you understand what I mean. I like retarded and moronic names. For example, the cool name is Fat Ass, Regurgitated Semen*.
I can now generate some cool names – Grandpa of grandma Records, I want to bathe in milk Records, Three skinheads & two brothers Records. Use please.
*its cool labels with great releases, founded by great guys. By the way, these are some of my favorites labels.

Unpleasant one, sorry but I need to ask it. Could you share with us you massive experience please – What is the worst side of this business? What should I avoid if I have the idea to start my own label?

The worst side of the label is unjustified expectations. This is probably does not need to be explained. This applies to all types of activities, it seems to me. Well, and the lack of time.

Pavel, I know that the underground and your label are a passion (which is cool) but what you do for a daily life? Do you have regular jobs?

Of course I have a permanent job, I am a logistician. In everyday life, I do not do anything special. Sometimes we drive with my wife or friends in a big company to different countries, drink beer, dance to the eurodance. Also I have three cats, and recently i’ve bought an apartment on the 33rd floor, I will be throwing sausages or empty bottles into a birds soon.

As a Russian citizen, you know your scene even more than me. Could you give us a list of your favorite grind bands from your country?

Speaking about the scene, could you compare old-times (let’s say the beginning of 00th) and nowadays. Has everything changed a lot?
My favorite active Russian groups (not only grind) are INOPEXIA, Camphora Monobromata, SORDID CLOT, WARTHOG, CHRONIC WASTE, SRAM (they not active, but soon will be last gig I hope), ÖRK BASTARDS, Deconstructor, Caustic vomit, Repression attack. This is what comes to mind right away. In the early of 00th I was a big fan of Grazhdanskaya oborona and Orgazm nostradamusa. There was more wild scene in 00th, like life in Russia generally. There was freedom, we were young, I don’t remember much from that time.

Could you provide us with your plans for the 2020? I bet you have few new releases in the works!

I don’t like to share my plans, sorry. Now in progress/plans on NO BREAD! 3 LPs, 6 CDs, some gigs, fest. And 7 LPs in my other label.

Contacts: bandcamp page    facebook page    vk page   official site

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