Nekro Drunkz ‎– Terminal Perversion

Last fall the guys from Nekro Drunkz finally dropped their new album! It was great news, because I really love their old stuff, which made me excited. But before I will start this autopsy, here is some boring and general info about this album. From the beginning our friends have signed a contract with the great Headsplit Records. As far as I know that label made a mountain of tapes and CDs for them. The cover was really brutal and reminds me of old moldy death metal artworks from the past. Then NoBread Rec appeared to released their album in Russia. That CD has alternative cover (much simpler but still good) + the label owner made a great bonus, he printed the original art as a poster (nice bonus for your walls isn`t it?).
So the heroes of our story recorded 15 gloomy songs for their 3d full length… Let’s stop at this point, because I think this is the right moment to dismember this material!

The opener “Septic Shower” shows us that ND slowly turned their way towards being a Death Metal band. Yes I can still recognize some Gory/Grind parts in this music, but I think that Death Metal has taken the biggest part in this album. I don’t want to hurt the guys but this album is pretty slow and somewhere in the middle it makes me bored. Songs begin to feel very similar to each other, tempos too…
But this work has great production. The sound is cool, and guitar tone is buzzing with the right vibrations. I think the Death Metal fans will love this album, but as for me this is just not my cup of beer.

Rating: 6.5/10      Nekro Drunkz fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy Headsplit Records (USA) and NoBread rec (Russia)


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