P.O.O.R. – Glutton For Punishment

P.O.O.R. is one of those bands that likes to take their time between each new release. When I heard their first album I was totally ruined by its force and destructive speed. 7 years later I finally have the opportunity to listen to their new songs. Yes,I waited that long to hear this new album, haha! Time flies fast, and it also brings some changes. To be honest I listened to “Glutton For Punishment” 5 or 6 times before starting to write something. I caught a lot of changes in the music and the style of this band. But before you skip this review, I want to assure you that the result of this transformation is more than interesting. Maybe the front cover looks too simple and shitty, you can even throw it away but leave the CD. Because…

This CD has its own spirit and good wall breaking vibes. In comparison to old album this material is more varied. They made a slight change from just straight up Grindcore. They introduced elements of hardcore and metal in this album. These new concepts bring more atmosphere to their music. Obviously there is still more than enough of the brutality, speed, aggression and very hectic songwriting common to Grind. After a few spins the whole thing gets better and better. I even heard Grind’ n ’Roll tunes like in the song “Dead Horse”. Also this LP is full of good groove moments which make you want to jump into the pit, or ruin furniture around you, ha!

This album is for those who are tired of unlimited blast beats in the music. I only hope that P.O.O.R. will be more active and we won’t need to wait another 7 years for the new album, hehe.

Rating: 8/10      P.O.O.R. fb

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