Golem Of Gore / Human Pancake / Yakisoba / Serotonin Leakage ‎– The Ultimate Torture Of Modern Music

I don’t remember the last time I reviewed such a nasty split… This release is highly concentrated madness and violence. We have here 4 cool bands from 2 continents: Golem Of Gore and Yakisoba from Italy and Human Pancake and Serotonin Leakage from USA. All together they managed to make almost an hour of dirty music! Fuck, this CD is truly dangerous and sick. And the first vomiting jet is coming from Golem Of Gore!

Now this band has 3 members, the newest member brings guitar sound into this bloody mess. I must say it works perfectly, now everything sounds even lower and heavier. Blasting drums still tears the ears into pieces, distorted vocals are here too… but somehow it sounds even more vicious. I declare hereby declare that this recording session of GOG is their best stuff up to this moment.

Human Pancake is one of these bands with a drum machine. This material totally differs from GOG’s stuff. The guitar sound is simpler, but still nice and pleasant. Riffing is predictable and primitive, in a good way, of course. Pitch shifted roars, yep, everything is here. All these songs are great but they would taste much better with real drums.  

Here comes Yakisoba, one more 1 corpse project. Just part way into this material and… wow, this Gore is so messy and heavy. The sound is even more rough and filthy than on the Human Pancake side and the same can be said about the music. You may not hear the riffs but you will feel them, haha! This noise could be compared with the toxic stench of liquid human remains, haha! I can agree with those who may say that the sound is too raw, but this material is still awesome and brutal as fuck. What an ugly son of a bitch!

The last but, not the worst – Serotonin Leakage. I believe this beast belongs to the guy from Human Pancake, but with S.L. he plays absolutely different Gore. These tunes have a lower sound, more dense riffing and structures. Also this shit has a ton of groovy moments, so it could drive you crazy and make you mosh in your own apartment! Interesting, unboring and damn cheerful music! This applies not only for this band, this could be said about the whole split!

Rating: 8/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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