Agathocles / Restos Humanos

Damn, what a loud split we have here! On one side the infamous Agathocles with their rancid brand of Mince tunes, and Italian Deathgrinders Restos Humanos. All together 6 songs, giving us a huge load of fun and energy + great design. There are still a lot of things that I could talk about but let’s just put this small vinyl on the turntable. We will start this noisy evening with the AG side.     

The Belgian Mince dealers don’t seem to know what a day of rest is, nor do they seem to give a fuck about it. This is an interesting recording session because it was made during AG`s Canadian adventures back in 2017. Joe (Meatus/Archagathus) helped to record guitar and some pitch shifted vocals for these songs. I must say that this collaboration worked out great, making the track sound more dense and low. I don`t know who made the final mix, but this sound is more heavy and fresh.

As for Restos Humanos… hmmm. This is a pretty average Death Metal, with a raw mix and few Grind touches. The riffs are simple but nice, the vocals are loud and, fuck, I can actually hear the bass, haha (believe me that is rare)! I bet that most of you will hate these rather amateurish sounding of drums, but personally I like it. This unmixed raw sound of bass drum and snare reminds me of old diy tape records from the 90’s. So it was kind of nostalgic to listen to this part of the split.  

Rating: AG 8/10   RH 7/10      Agathocles fb       Restos Humanos fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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