Lycanthrophy (01.02.20)

Greeting man, how are you doing today? How was Grind Here Right Now for you?

Hi Alex, we are fine, thanks for asking. Grind here right now was a blast! Thanks to Mario and all the involved parties for such a good work. It was pretty crazy trip for us because of distance like 900km but was worth all the effort. The line up was pretty insane including old school grind and fast core bands only, the venue was cool although it was sold out and packed but this is much better than an empty place and broken promoter. I know what I am talking about. We met lots of old friends and enjoyed everything around.  I also like the idea with two stages placed at the fest and had to say that all the bands from the smaller „fastcore“ stage absolutely destroyed the place and It was fuckin´ awesome.

You were pretty silent recently, do you have any new songs in the work? What are your plans for this year (2020)?

I don´t think so, we didn´t played gigs so much in abroad, because Šupin (singer) has a small kid, so mostly we have been playing gigs in Czech. We still continuously working on a new tracks in the meanwhile, but we having a huge delay with the last three split releases due to a various circumstances, so it seems that we are quit, but it´s not true. We are glad that finally a split EP with NOISEAR has been released in 2019 and two more records from the last recording session will be released in 2020.  A split EP with US grind blasters NAK´AY and a split 10“LP with japanese sludge power violence gods Su19b. Both records will be releasing by Psychocontrol Records, so hit Otto hard to put out both records asap. It shall be the last debt we having towards a split records because all the splits has been agreed before a long time and was not so easy for all involved parties to figure out all issues. 

Anyway we have started to work on a new tracks for the 2nd full length album, we have 8 tracks ready so far and our goal is to start recording around October 2020. It would be our classic style but I feel that some tunes are more into grindcore style, but we´ll see how this will sound at the end. We are searching for a reliable label(s) interested to release a LP, CD and tape version. Just feel free to get in the touch with us if you are interested.

Ondra, what was the tempo of your fastest blast beat?)

I really don´t know. I didn´t check my blast beat tempo so far and have no idea how fast I ever played. I don´t care, it´s not competition, I just keep playing fast as I can and try to keep it tight and accurate as I can. That´s not a crucial for me, I have heard lots of drummers sounding like a speedy automat with blast beats over 200 and more bpm which sounds inhumane, really fast but boring, too synthetic in my opinion.

Okay brother, what is your favorite movie about werewolves and why?

Sincerely I have no fave movies with werevolves or anything equal, I know that´s the question connected to the band´s name, but I am not the one who invented the band´s name. My idea was just to add another „H“ to make this word as nonsense and make it „distinguishable“ from the others, I mean some similar Lycantropho xxx black or death metal bands around. This works and we fortunately have no black metal fans, haha.

Could I ask something personal? Why Zdisha left the band?

Only shortly. Zdisha left the band after Hungary/Slovakia gigs in October 2018 a week before our special gig for the 20th anniversary show. A time back she had a break due to the mothercraft, than she returned to the line up as we agreed before, but it was not so easy to practise, play a gigs, to finish recordings and create new songs due to obvious reasons which we fully understood, but unfortunately it affected us a lot as an active band, the live performance was sometimes really bad, vocals part on recordings wasn´t finished for a long time etc.. Well, hard situation for both sides, but sometimes to be in the band brings situation like this…

Ondra, could you tell us a short history of Lycanthophy and its brightest moments?

I should talk a hours about my memories but let´s take it shortly. We have started in 1998, an original line up has been totally different, I have joined the band as a singer after a few months of existence and now I am the oldest member in the band. In early days they sounded like CANNIBAL CORPSE stuff and was looking for a vocalist. I tried to push them to change the style of band more into grindcore as a big fan of bands like AGATHOCLES and ROT these times when I was 18. We recorded the 1st demo in 1998, it sounds like a classic mix of death/grind and started to practise more often, to play a gigs and focused to achive more old school grindcore style. This can be listened and proved at a split tape with DICKLESS TRACY (grind, Slovenia) in 1999. We changed a line up, Šupin came as the 2nd guitarist and Marsta as the 2nd vocalist. Marsta was a member of well known czech extreme HC band called MRTVA BUDOUCNOST. He has influenced us a lot and we have discovered an extreme HC/powerviolence scene and hc/punk scene in general. We recorded a new stuff which was released as a split CD with HUMAN ERROR from Hungary by Eclipse Recs. from Japan. Started to play more and more and released a bunch of split´s and compilations. The milestone would be the 1st EP ever which is a split 7“EP with NESOUCAST STROJE (Czech extreme HC/fastcore band) which has been released by a huge D.I.Y. collaboration of smaller HC/punk labels. That´s exactly what we love, network of friends! 

The former members (guitarist and drummers) left the band and we were deep in shit. I started to learn playing drums, practise hours a day, we found Martin Vosuck who joined us on guitar and after 6 months we played a gig with FUBAR at our hometown. In the meanwhile Marsta has lost an interest (LACK OF INTEREST, hah?) in HC punk scene generally and we found Zdisha who was originally intended as a guest but became as the full member. We recorded the 1st stuff with her which was a split EP with MALIGNANT TUMOUR and it sounds like more extreme HC/grind/fastcore. Afterwards  we played more and more gigs, released a records and tours over the whole Europe happen and it was really hard, but nice period of our lifes. No stress, no obligations, just band and it´s pleasures. The 2nd milestone should be the 1st full length album in 2010, I reached my goal because in the beginning it was unattainable to have 12“LP for instance. So the album was out and available in a various formats like a LP, CD and tape. Recently Brasil version of CD has been released and looks awesome. Again a tours, a gigs and more records and maybe more troubles came. Our old friend Otto from NEEDFUL THINGS has joined us on bass and his first recording session was a stuff for a split EP with CHIENS. This one is without Zdisha who was out of band due to her pregnancy. She returned and we continued with double single vocalists as a 5 piece band. It was not so easy to practise, to finalize a studio sessions or even play a gigs, some gigs were with Zdisha in the lineup and some not. Obviously this couldn´t work longer. She left the band after Hungary/Slovakia gigs in October 2018 and now we are in the current line up: Supin-vocals, Otto-bass, Vosuck-guitar and Ondra-drums. A split EP with NOISEAR has been finally released in 2019, some more special split tapes or lathe cut has appeared, we were able to play all the confirmed gigs last year and looking forward for releasing of two new records from the last recording sessions, a split EP with NAK´AY and 10“LP with Su19b. Now we are fully focusing on a new album,  this is our goal for 2020.

You played with so many gigs, with so many bands, I bet that you know almost all pv/hardcore/crust/grind acts in Czech Republic. So what are your top 5 best bands from your country? 

Yeah, with almost 22 years of existence we have played a hundreds and hundreds gigs in Czech, so we met and shared the stage with most of the bands originating especially from Czech grind/crust/pv /HC/punk scene. Unfortunately many of them are gone now or worst of all changed the style. I guess that we having really great scene full of old bands which are still killer and full of energy and got a set of new names which are getting better and better. I personally collecting an old demo tapes, rare live stuff of czech heavy metal, thrash/death/black, grindcore, HC/punk bands from ´90s. The same with fanzines coming from this decade. Maniac!

Anyway I have to mention very best and older bands from Czech which I love and they played a various styles of music. Listen and search these forgotten treasures from ´90s:

SOCIAL DEFORMITY (grind core as fuck from Ostrava, check the „Daltonism“ CD or a split tapes, two members are in SHEEVA YOGA now, RADEGAST (angry fast hardcore with female voc on an earlier recordings), FPB (an old and awesome punk band with unique feeling transformed into UŽ JSME DOMA, nowadays a cult alternative band) , DECOMPOSED (check the „Mystery“ demo tape, brutal death/grind with great ideas), GARBAGE DISPOSAL (check the demo tape „Mind detonator“ , filth and neanderthal grind/death massacre), MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM (their 1st demo tape easily kills, brutal death/grind with deep growling, PANGS OF REMORSE (the 1st power violence band coming from Czech with the most insane vocal ever), MRTVA BUDOUCNOST (total cult band here, very radical and political extreme HC, R.I.P. Filip!), TÖRR (check an old demo tapes from early ´90s like „Witchhammer“, it sounds like a raw mix of VENOM and MÖTORHEAD, total black metal cult here!), INSANIA (mystic and unique hardcore/metal, old running band which became legendary! The previous band called SKIMMED got a chance to have a song on a Slap a ham compilation! ), LIES AND DISTRUST (fast crust core/grind attack like DISRUPT, drummer Cert from GRIDE in the line up! And  many more, I am really fan of Czech scene. But to reply your question, my current top 5 bands from Czech are the following:

  1. REPELENT SS (crushing hardcore attack, listen to song „Brutální živočich“ and go to fuck yourself)
  2. SNĚŤ (pretty new band from Prague, guttural and filthy death metal assault, similar to UNDERGANG)
  3. DECULTIVATE (another newer one, devastating hardcore which sounds like BAPTIST, CONVERGE, very promising)
  4. NEEDFUL THINGS (old school grind core forever, an unique band which never changed the style)
  5. GRIDE (kings of czech extreme HC/grind forever. They have a new line up now, I am curious how will sound a new songs in this line up because now they play live with very old songs only)     

What do you think about false people in grind underground? I`m talking about these idiots who think that this kind of stuff makes them popular or trendy.

False people or bands have to be boycotted. I know what you mean, I have some really bad experiences, I don´t want to mention any names, all we know who are you and deserve nothing more than punch to the face. That´s all…

Back in 90’s, all bands started in DIY way (self promotion, duplicate tapes, making gigs and all other pleasant stuff). Do you still keep that way? Do you think DIY is still needed nowadays?

We are not the band who played the true political grindcore, roar out that grindcore is life and grind forever and afterwards they play some fucking metal or rock´n roll and share the stage with some stupid bands and play for a big audience full of posers.

We are still keeping the principle of band´s working like we did when we started in ´98. Sure,  not in all aspects because a tools, an enviroment, the surrouding around has been constantly changing but our attitude and views are the same as in the beginning. We always prefer to work in D.I.Y. style, be a part of hcpunk grind scene and keep the network of friends alive. We love to play gigs at alternative places, support organizations like Antifa, Food not bombs, GNWP, simply everything uncommercial and alternative, making a split records which is basic principle of D.I.Y. punk scene, making gigs in D.I.Y. way and cooperate with D.I.Y labels only. 

If D.I.Y. is needed nowadays? Yes, always! We all have enough power and possibilities to release records ourselves, to organize gigs and booking of tours all around the world ourselves and don´t change yourself, be independent and that´s what I really love and truly appreciate. I do not support bands who took advantage of D.I.Y. punk scene, become more popular and signed to major label. Fuck off! 

I will support the bands like AGATHOCLES, ROT or SUFFERING MIND to my last breath!

I never had a chance to visit Play Fast Or Don’t, but I know that was a great festival. So my question is, do you have a plan to bring that festival back to live? I know there are a lot of people who’re asking and dreaming about that.

It´s really shame that you had no chance to come over at Play Fast. Basically we did the same what we do with running of our bands, me and Otto are huge fans and indeed an active musicians of extreme HC/grindcore for many years, all activities keep in D.I.Y. way and based on this attitude we wanted to run our own festival. I think that we did quite a good work, we appreciated that many people from all around the world came and enjoyed the festival. We tried to do our best, to have a special line up full of interesting bands from all corners of the world, to provide comfortable conditions for bands and visitors as well, to support distributors to sell their goods and get money back for a new releases, to provide beers from local breweries only and no bullshit like eurobeers from commercial breweries, to have vegetarian/vegan food only, to support other organizations and alternative groups, artists etc.

I spent thousands of hours with work for festival issues during many years, I really enjoyed it, but sometimes I was tired as fuck. Also we were broken after the 2nd edition of PFOD and basically every year It was tight to cover all expenses, for example a rent of the place costs thousands of euros etc.

Now I have small kid, still run my band, practise drums regularly and play a various styles and learn drum technics, run my fanzine Go and Kill, organise my mini fest Short, fast and loud, have other hobbies and actually have no time to work on festival. But you know I am a manic, so if other guys ask me to make it again, I would be definitely into to make one special year or smaller version for one day etc. But I am aware that other guys doesn´t want to. We will see, never say never.

If you were to only keep 10 records from your collection, what would they be?

That´s easy impossible, I have almost 2 500 records in my collection, I listen to a various styles of music, from blues rock to noisecore, so this would be really tight and the challenge to take just 10 pcs, haha! I keep collecting records from my early teen years and  I would take some of the tittles released from that era. Around that time we lived in the communist regime and had no access to the foreign music which was easily forbidden listen to, somehow dangerous for the regime, it´s authorities and secret police. We usually got a music records at unofficial markets. So we were lucky when some Czech heavy metal or even thrash bands was releasing their first albums which has been available with no restrictions.

Okay, my random select, in two minutes should be completely different:

– DISCORDANCE AXIS : The inalienable dreamless“ 12“LP (no comment! One of the best grindcore band ever. Very original style of grindcore, an unique mix of vocals, guitar and drums at the highest level of extreme music) 

– AGATHOCLES „Razor sharp daggers“ 12“LP (one of the best grindcore records ever! Mince core cult, this completely changed my life!)

– SPAZZ: „La revancha“12“LP (the cult record which attracted my attention into power violence)

– SODOM „In the sign of evil“+KREATOR „Extreme agression“ LP (I did get a copy of tape when I was at elementary school and became to very hard thrash fan, haha!) 

– DESPISE YOU „West side horizons“12“LP (my favest extreme HC record ever)

– ROOT „The temple in the underworld“12“LP  (czech awesome old dark black metal, early stuff in the vein of Bathory, later more dark and doomy slow music with unique singer, my fave czech band from ´90s) 

– DEATH METAL SESSION compilation 12“LP (famous compilation including an old Czech thrash/black/heavy bands from ´90s, I was around 11 years old when I listened this for the first time)

– SAX – Zona strachu 12“LP (Czech band playing very fast thrash metal with insane lyrics, ugly vocals and super drummer attacking Lombardo style. Released in 1991 and it sounds a little bit like Slayer, criminally underrated stuff and clear demonstration of slighting bands from the East)

– JIMI HENDRIX „ Are you experienced?“12“ LP (Guitar virtuoso and the greatest guitar player ever! Fantastic blues rock, acid rock, pychedelia and so on. Simply one of my all time favorites!)

– PRAŽSKÝ VÝBĚR „Straka v hrsti“ 12“LP (an absolutely famous progressive band from Czech banned by communist regime in ´80s playing a fantastic mix of rock/psychedelic/new wave style with crazy ideas, vocals and sounds. The best czech guitarist is in the line up and ex-member of very first punk band called Zikkurat is in the line up as well)

Thank you for this talk. Here is my last question, since you traveled a lot, where was the tastiest in the world?

I am always glad and really appreciate when we get a food during touring, so I don´t want to highlite any above others. Maybe our singer Šupin might be my favourite and his kitchen is the tastiest place in the world,  he is gourmet as fuck and still has some new recipes, still something eating except drinking beers, haha!
Thanks Alex for your support and interest. Keep up your good work with your fanzine and hope to see you again.
All those thanks for reading this, thanks for supporting us over the years. Support scene, keep D.I.Y alive, don´t eat animals and stay alive! Ondra/Lycanthrophy

Contacts:  facebook page      bandcamp page

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