Sebum Excess Production / Golem Of Gore

This split is like the rotten corpse of a pair of Siamese twins. It has 2 different personalities, two heads, 4 arms, but one body. The left side belongs to Sebum Excess Production (Brazil) and the right one belongs to Golem Of Gore (Italy). As you can understand this split is all about pure gore, not love, only harsh gore, and clear sickness.
This CD has equal parts noise and visual appeal. Both of them are ugly as hell, the rotten remains in the design could make you puke, haha… this collage was made by a really crazy person! As for the noise…

The Brazilian plague is here to blast our heads wide open with 12 songs. All this disgusting mess was created by Glesio Torres (he is the main man here and that’s why I call SEP a one-man band)… Well, our friend managed to create nice gory material. Material with a dirty sound, simple riffing and goofy drumming… All together this mass sounds a little bit amateurish but interesting. All of the songs are enjoyable, but on the other hand I can’t say that they are super catchy or bright… they’re just good, without any other marks.

Italian side started out rather interesting, with a very abrasive harsh/noise/gore intro, which, I think, is too long, because after the first 15 sec this track became boring to me. But after that shitty mess these guys blasted my mind with super intensive, LDOH influenced, music. All these songs are full of highly concentrated filth and hate. It’s very hard to recognize the riffs, but these vibrations and noises are honestly great. Loud pitch-shifted vocals, fantastic snare sound and stupidly mutilated guitar sound in the background. What else do you want to hear in nasty gore release?

Rating: S.E.P. 6.5 / 10       G.O.G. 7.5/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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