Ona Snop / Failure

I love listening to crazy, hyper speed releases, because the energy of it charges me much better than coffee. This 10” is one of these. I’m really freaking happy to have a copy of this noise, because both bands are great and all of the material is stupidly awesome. But let’s take a look on the visual side of this split. I don’t know who the hell came with ideas and drew this frog, but I’m sure that person was high, haha! Also my copy is not regular, I have lovely orange splatter variant which sounds pretty good. I guess that all what I can tell you about the look, so I propose that we put the needle on this wax.

Ona Snop are the first who will punish your ears. All these songs sound like gunshots; fast, fast, and loud. This music has the riffs, the ideas and energy, which erupts into your mind! I also really, really like the guitar’s tone, the harsh vocals and bright bass sound. As for the drums, they are fast and brings all this mess on new level of madness haha! Ona Snop did it again, they ruined everything and everyone with their mad noise, hehe.

Young Failure are great too. Their fastcore sounds not so heavy, but it’s good, because we have something different here and it makes this split more interesting. The production is clean, but the sound doesn’t have that plastic sound. Musically, this is just hyperspeed hardcore, but damn, it sounds so fresh and aggressive. There is one thing that I want to highlight, it`s 2 different vocals, that approach helped to make this noise more individual. From the first till the last song this material will make you jump into the pit and mosh yourself to death! 

Rating: 8.5 / 10        Ona Snop fb         Failure fb

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