Golem Of Gore – Horrendous Summoning Of Gore

A year ago this band presented a debut demo for all of the sick people in the underground around the world. Believe it or not but, within only one year this project became pretty popular and I want to talk today about their very first full length. Originally this noise was released on CDr format by the band, but now we have super proper reissue from Grindfather Prod, with a new cover and bonus material. The new design was made by mighty Pierre (Braindead zine / Blue Holocaust), and I must admit it looks awesome and very juicy. As for bonus songs, I think they were recorded in the same session but for some reason they were not released till this moment, in my opinion it’s a cool and solid addition.

Primitive, slimy, brutal and super loud that’s the only way I can describe this gore. Everything was recorded by two men, there is only bass and drums, but believe me that does not suck. Because of the symbiosis of these two instruments (+ sick minds, of course) it’s easy to create something this horribly filthy. Low, noisy and messy bass sound, creates an interesting background and the blast beats are fast and ferocious. The snare sound is so damn bright (the drummer must have a crush on LDOH). Sometimes here and there you will hear cool intros from old horror movies. I won’t lie, for their debut work this is honestly nice.

So if you’re into Goregrind/Noise and you have an erection while you’re listening blasting music, then “Horrendous Summoning Of Gore” is totally your shit!

Rating: 7.5/10     facebook    bandcamp

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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