Tuunbaq – Graves of Ice

Graves of Ice is a debut album from Russian deathgrind machine Tuunbaq. This band is one more new name for for me, so let’s check what this is all about. Their Bandcamp page says that our guys are based in Arkhangelsk city (yep, there it is cold), they started about 3 years ago with the purpose of playing fast and heavy shit. Tuunbaq position their music as a Swedish grindcore with some influences from outside… but personally I found more in common with late Napalm Death/Rotten Sound/Implore/Wake and maybe Lock Up, with a huge drop of metal. I don’t know why they used such tags/comparison because what I heard is far from that statement. Anyway, these guys are playing their own vision of extreme music and that is the main and important part.
I found this material pretty atmospheric (you know I’m talking about that industrial, choking aura of total destruction and social collapse). Guys really tried to make a good record and (at least for me) they went too far. Sound is too clear (such sound is good for metal release) and all tracks sound too clean (I mean without any mistakes), there is no stupid punk spirit, like in first Terrorizer album or in Repulsion. But it will be not fair to call this tape garbage. It’s a solid work and people who love modern grind or death will love it. Guitar sound is sharp and buzzing, drums are well done (with nice d-beats and blast beats) plus there are nice death metal vocals; everything set and ready to kick your ass.

This release has an interesting look. In addition to the tape guys put a stickers that are designed like a beer bottles stickers, that’s not new but altogether it looks great. Also for this release guys re-used old USSR tapes MK-60, I don’t who and what but someone replaced old shitty tape with better one (it looks like BASF for me or TDK). That is an interesting DIY thing about “Graves of Ice” release.

Rating: 7/10    Tuunbaq fb      Tuunbaq bc 

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